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V4D Volunteer for community development
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Recruiting firm
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Volunteer for Community Development and Environment Education (V4D) is a non-government, non-profit volunteering organization based in Hanoi, Vietnam. V4D was established under the Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE)
V4D Organization’s Program “Building Capacity for Disadvantaged Youth", over the course of more than 7 years, we have always tried to work as one of the leading non-profit volunteer organizations in Vietnam.
With a deep belief that education is fundamental to human progress, enabling individuals and communities to acquire skills and knowledge, essential for improving their quality of life. But for disadvantaged youth their access to education is limited.
We are carrying out this program to give them opportunities to see the bigger picture of life, to realize their own potential, and to help them address the increasing global social, economic and environmental challenges we face.
Taking part in this program, volunteers are not only help us with many meaningful activities but also you supported by the very helpful and friendly Vietnamese students at the your class, they help you as the little ambassadors of Hanoi to in bringing you a “local breath”, to live in an insight into our culture, tradition and beautiful sight-seeing.
Location Hanoi City
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