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Institution Name:
College of Contract Management United Kingdom
Institution Type:
Company (11-100 employees)
Institution description:

College of Contract Management in the United Kingdom is a leading online and distance-learning college for Quantity Surveying, Cost Engineering and Contract Management professionals.
As a global organisation, it provides online and distance-learning courses to students all over the world. It offers advanced diploma level courses in Quantity Surveying and Cost Engineering, to provide a wealth of young talent and skills to the industry. In addition, it offers an advanced diploma course in Contract Management to the construction industry; and provides the professionals of the future who will go on to achieve bright careers and may become energetic global leaders of the construction industry.

The college is proud of the establishment of the Contract and Commercial Management courses and from its achievements through value added and standard courses. The quality and the value of the courses are reflected in the success of its graduates who are leading the job market.
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