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Yes, You Need a Car While Studying Abroad


Are you currently getting ready to study abroad and you don't know where to start your preparations? Worry not! Most of the information you find in this article will help you find your way around studying abroad. The biggest problem that needs to be discussed in this sense has to do with transportation. If this is your first time staying for a long while in a foreign country or a foreign city, you will be overwhelmed by all the means of transportation that are available there, as well as the complex roads that you have no idea about.

Most people who move abroad for the first time in their life have to face anxieties and the fear of experimenting something new. The feelings are even stronger when you also need to focus on studying and integrating to the new social groups you meet. To feel more secure, you might want to save some money for a car before you move. Owning a car and a driver's license will help you get used to the new location much easier and in a more comfortable manner. Here are some more reasons that should convince you that owning a car is the best option you have when studying abroad:

 Is not as expensive as you may think

Owning a car is not as expensive as some people may think. The number one reason why students are afraid of buying their own vehicle is that they won't have eany cover all the costs that come with it. In order to make sure that you possess the necessary budget to own a car, you need to take into account several factors. According to several studies, the average monthly payment for a car is $400 if you choose a new one and $600 if you choose an older one. The costs differ from state to state.

The biggest part of your budget will go on paying for the car itself, as well as the insurance premiums for it. In case you struggle with issues in this sense, you can reduce spending by refinancing the car loan or looking for companies that have lower insurance rates. Since it is probably your first car, you should opt for a less expensive one. The car's purpose is to help you move around in a city that is entirely new to you. The level of comfort can be increased as you start earning your own money. Keep in mind that there are universities that offer all sorts of discounts if you want to buy a car.

Public means of transportation can be confusing

Getting around town just by using public means of transportation can be truly confusing. Depending on where you are going, the public transportation infrastructure can be more or less intuitive. In some countries, there are apps that give you the exact bus/subway routes which mean it's quite easy to understand how everything goes. In other countries, the routes can only be found around the bus stations or on the Internet, most of them being outdated. There are different situations, but if you know that you are not generally good with spatial orientation, it would be advised to buy a car and use it instead.

Considering the fact that you study in a new location, you have to keep in mind that going from point A to point B might take you longer than you expect. Having your own car allows you to save a lot of time. GPS apps tell you exactly how much time you will spend on the road and will generate the shortest route to the destination. This is the best way to approximate how long it will take you to reach your destination. GPS apps also keep track of the traffic in the area and calculate the period of time spent on your way based on it. 

You might need to commute each day

Studying abroad often involves commuting because not all student accommodation camps are close to the university where you will study. This means that you will have to commute considerable distances. Again, time is a problem when you want to keep up with your studies and have a social life besides it. This is the reason why a car is the best choice. Commuting when you have your own car has multiple benefits. You can choose to carpool or set up an Uber account to make some extra cash while commuting. As a student, you will definitely need a side hustle to generate an additional income, and this is a convenient way to do it.

In case you are worried about parking, you should know that you can rent your monthly parking in Toronto and other locations in the US. This is a very convenient way to make sure that your car is safe while you are at the university or around the town. The amount you pay for such services is minimal and you no longer have to spend hours and hours looking for a secure place to leave your car in. Commuting will become less inconvenient when you have your own car. You can go where you want, whenever you want without wasting time waiting for the bus or the subway train. 

It gives you new job opportunities

Having a personal car and a driver's license has become a top job requirement, especially in the US. Owning a car opens new doors for you, as the range of jobs that you can apply for widens. Studying abroad can get too expensive at times, and a part-time salary is just what you need to cope with all the spending. You can get a part-time job easier if you have your personal car with you, so think thoroughly about that before making a final decision. You will feel more comfortable when having your car at your disposition and it also gives you access to new opportunities.



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27 September 2021
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