Working Abroad in Australia

Working Abroad in Australia

Australia is one of a handful of countries that truly encourages young people to spend time working overseas through their working holiday scheme. Those aged 18-30 can apply for a visa that allows them to work abroad in Australia at one job for six months before finding a second job. Some visas even qualify for a second year visa after completing a required three months of farm work. There are so many jobs for travelers and backpackers that it makes it easy to spend a year gaining job experience for your resume before returning home.


What to Expect When Working in Australia

Once you’ve acquired your visa and booked your ticket to Australia, it’s good to have an idea of what to expect from jobs in Australia. Jobs are readily available in most big cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but others can be found in rural areas and in the Outback. Examine your strengths to determine what type of job will best suit you and if you are looking for a career or just a casual job. You might even find a job that will sponsor you to stay longer in Australia

Hospitality jobs should pay around $15-20 per hour with potential for tips, although tipping is rare in Australia. Salaried jobs pay even more, but both require benefits like superannuation fund and annual leave. Healthcare isn’t covered by your job, but Australia has a nationalized program that will take care of your costs. 


Types of Jobs in Australia

If you’re looking for a casual job, there are lots of part time backpacker jobs in fields like hospitality and sales. Most require little to no experience, but those working in bars and restaurants are required to complete a Responsible Service of Alcohol course, which is an added cost. In addition, places with poker machines require staff to have a RSG (Gaming) certificate. 

Hospitality jobs are found in nearly every town in Australia, as staff are frequently needed in cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels and casinos. Prior experience isn’t typically required, but is always good to have. It’s easy to gain experience through coffee and bartending courses that usually only take a day or two. You can be taken on with enough hours to be nearly full time or alternatively be on a casual basis, where you’re called in when needed. 

Farm work jobs are usually seasonal and can be hard to come by since so many people want their second year visas. Check out the government’s Harvest Trail site and Gumtree for leads on where to find work abroad in Australia. Expect long hours outside, which include picking and sorting fruit or vegetables. 

Sales jobs vary in type, but many involve cold calling potential clients, handing out fliers on the street or working in a shop. Some pay cash in hand and others are commission based. Get the full details of the job before committing to be sure it will be enough money to live on.




How to Apply

First, you’ll need to visit the Australian Immigration website to see if your nationality qualifies for a working holiday visa. Then you’ll apply, which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. You’ll pay a fee for the application and will receive notification by email within a few days. 


What You’ll Need

Set aside at least $4,000 to get you started in Australia while you look for work and a place to live. You’ll also want copies of your resume or CV to hand out to prospective employers. Bring a few items of clothing you could wear for an interview. Once you’re there, apply online for jobs in Australia on sites like Gumtree or Seek, as well as asking around.



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01 June 2020
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