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Work Abroad in Switzerland - WWF Foundations and Events Coordinator

Work Abroad in Switzerland - WWF Foundations and Events Coordinator

The World Wildlife Fund for Nature is an internationally respected organization that is also the world’s largest conservation organization. With offices in more than 80 countries, a full time staff of 6,200 and with the support of more than 5 million, the WWF focuses on working to foster and preserve the natural diversity of environment and wildlife all over our fantastic planet, while attempting to diminish mankind’s destructive impacts.




The chance to work with such an esteemed group is a very elite opportunity, but sometimes the long-term positions are too large of a commitment, thankfully they also post their temporary jobs as well! As of November 5, a new employment opportunity as a Foundations and Events Coordinator in Gland, Switzerland has been posted and is searching for a person to fill this position immediately!

WWF Switzerland is on the look out for some one to be a part of their Foundations team, someone with a passion for the environment and the community and fundraising experience. This is a short-term position that is in need of a candidate who is dynamic enough to cooperate and support the other members of the team with fundraising initiatives and to assist the Event Manager with the organization and management of excursions and events. The contact for this position is 6-months and the candidate would start immediately in the WWF office located in Gland, Switzerland. 


What Are The Responsibilities ?

This position will include coordination with numerous departments in the WWF network in order to collect necessary information for projects, concepts, proposals, grants and fundraising purposes. As the fundraising coordinator, you will be expected to handle a lot of the duties related to donors. Some of these tasks include supporting the donor cultivation and stewardship divisions by drafting, editing, formatting and proof reading documents from the Foundations team. You will need to manage scheduling and provide logistical support for meetings with donors, which include preparing documents, materials and presentations. Further donor related responsibilities include answering donor requests, and drafting and editing for donor publications such as the annual review.

You will be collaborating with the Head of Foundations, Foundations Relationship Manager and the whole Foundations team to ensure the institutional relationships are upheld and reports are well managed.




Financial responsibilities for this position revolve around tracking Foundations income, reconciling it with the monthly Fundraising reports and coordinating with Finance and Project Finance to make sure that the report is updated and accurate. Updating the fiscal year forecasts will also fall under your duties, but you will work with Head of Foundations and relationship managers to accomplish this task. 

Event related responsibilities include consolidating invitation lists, providing RSVP updates to Event Manager, drafting both print and electronic event related materials for promotions and marketing, managing current lists of venues and service providers, on-site event management, and tracking invoices from the events.

And in certain instances, you will be required to step in when there is an absence in other positions, within the Development, an Event and Foundations department. 


What Are The Qualifications ?

The ideal candidate for this position must have assistant training from a commercial college, or an equivalent institution. It is also expected that you have at least 5 years of relevant experience in an international setting, as well as experience with event organization in major donor fundraising, dealing with various types of people in different levels of status and culture in an international setting. Important skills include proficient organization, prioritization and detail oriented management, use of Excel, Word, Powerpoint, design and publishing skills and a plus if you know how to use InDesign Photoshop Illustrator. 

This is a position that involves working with people, so it is essential to have a good positive optimistic attitude, exhibit engaging and determined work ethic, work as a team player with excellent networking and interpersonal skills, to adapt to different rapidly changing environments and the ability to work autonomously.




In addition, one should be able to easily manage working with figures and budgets, have proficient writing and editing skills, have English as your native language but be fluent in French, and bear an interest in environmental conversation and natural resource management.


How Can I Apply ?

To apply for this position, you can upload a cover letter and CV on Linkedin. It is absolutely crucial that you submit your application with your CV and cover letter saved as one complete file. The deadline for applications is November 16, 2014 at 4:00 pm CET.



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