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Which Topics Do You Need to Clear for Microsoft 70-778 Exam? How Can Practice Tests Help?


Microsoft 70-778 is also known as Microsoft Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI, which is part of the MCSA: BI Reporting certification. The candidates for this exam may include data analysts, BI professionals, and other specialists who are mainly responsible for creating reports by the use of Power BI.

This article focuses on the Microsoft 70-778 examand what exactly is covered in it. The aim of this certification guide is to help you know what you should discover during your preparation, the weight given to each objective, and the domains under each topic area. But before getting down to the 70-778 syllabus, let's first look at the applicantswho should actually take this test.

Some words about those who should sit forMicrosoft 70-778 exam

The candidates forMicrosoft 70-778 should have an in-depth understanding of how to properly use Power BI in order to effectively perform data analysis.They should also be skillful in connecting to data sources and in performing data transformations by using the Power BI service to configure dashboards or using Microsoft Power BI Desktop to model and visualize data. The students should also be capable of implementing data analysis in Microsoft Excel, direct connectivity to SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), and Microsoft SQL Azure.Basically, the typical examinees for the Visit URL Here certification test include BI professionals and data analysts, as well as other specialists who are primarly responsible for creating reports with Power BI.

Detailed overview of Microsoft 70-778 exam topics

Microsoft 70-778 covers a wide range of objectives from which the exam questions are usually taken. Each of them is assigned a specific weight in the test. Microsoft provides the indicated percentage for each subject to give you an idea of how weighty it is in terms of the marks it contains. Each of them covers a range of various subtopics. Without much ado, let us take a closer look.

  • Using Power BI Desktop to Consume and Transfer Data

This objective makes between 20 to 25 percent of the total questions in the exam. This knowledge area covers a wide range of subtopics:

  • Modeling and Visualizing Data

This is one of the most prominent subjects in the Microsoft 70-778 exam. Just like it is indicated above, the questions make up to about 45% of the total questions in the test. Without thorough knowledge of modeling and visualizing data, it is clear that you won't stand a chance of passing this certification exam.The subtopics covered under this domain include:

  • Create and optimize data models: The questions align with this topic will gauge your knowledge of managing relationships, using Power Query, typing data manually, and optimizing models for reporting.
  • Create calculated tables, columns, and measures: The concepts under this subtopic include creating DAX formulas for calculated tables, calculated columns, and measures.
  • Usecards, KPIs, and gauges to measure performance: The areas given prominence here include calculating target, actual, actual to target, setting values manually by using format settings, and configuring values for gauges.
  • Create hierarchies: Under this part, the students will learn how to create date hierarchies, the ones based on the business' needs, and add columns to tables in order to support the desired hierarchy.
  • Create and perform interactive visualization: Here, the test takers can face with the evaluation of their knowledge of selecting a visualization type; configuring duplicate pages and page layout; using themes and bookmarks for reports; formatting measures; enabling and integrating R visuals; configuring default summarization as well as data category of columns; positioning align.

  • Configuring Dashboards, Apps, and Reports in the Power BI Service

This is another topic that you need to master. The questions drawn from it comprises of about 25 to 35 percent of the total questions in the exam. Some of the knowledge areas under this subject include:

  • Access on-premises data;
  • Configure a dashboard;
  • Publish and embed reports;
  • Configure security for apps, dashboards, and reports;
  • Configure apps as well as their workspaces.

Now that you know what the syllabus of the Microsoft 70-778 test entails and which topics you need to cover, you need to go for the next step.You have to come up with a study strategy that can work best for you based on your schedule and your learning style. Next, collect all the study materials you need. You can find some of them on the Prepaway website. With this, you are ready to go! If you are still wondering how to start, just visit this platform to get more information and the most recent preparation resources.


Knowing the syllabus and all the objectives covered in the Microsoft 70-778 exam is the first step towards obtaining the MCSA credential. That is why you need to read all the information that you may find on the Microsoft website and/or on the Prepaway platform. From Microsoft, you can get the official study materials that the company offers for your preparation. For example, training courses, videos, different learning modules, and books. If you add to all these additional resources from Prepaway, you will certainly get a high result. The study guide and mock tests that you will get with the premium bundle will help you master all the required skills. Use the best prep tools that you need, create a study plan, and continue to enhance your career path.

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