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What Not to Pack for College Abroad


Excited about college? Ready to start the next leg of your life journey? In all the excitement, you might be wondering what to pack for college. Pack all that you will need. Don't get too excited about packing since space is limited when it comes to college dorm rooms.

What not to pack for college abroad

The real question you should be asking yourself is what not to pack for college:


If you're going to move to into a college dorm room, you most likely won't be able to take along your pets with the exception of fish or other small animals. There won't be enough space and with the extra study load, you might find it difficult to properly care for your pet. Not to mention many places require a quarantine process and more to get your pet into their country.

Lastly, keep your bunk mate in mind. Are they allergic to your pet? Have you asked if they mind?


It's already there. Every dorm room comes with a bed, a dresser, a desk and a chair. Even if you want to add in more furniture, we suggest delaying that until after you have settled in. That way you will know what you really need, or if you have enough space to add in anything new.

If you plan on replacing all the old furniture with your new one, you still have to figure out what to do with the old furniture. It will be your responsibility to take care of its removal. Some college dorms don't allow removing or replacing any furniture in the first place.

If you are concerned about the condition of your mattress, you should be! It has likely seen at least 3-4 people sleeping on it before you. We recommend using a mattress topper on it. It will make your bed more comfortable and sanitary. You can also shop for a bug resistant mattress to save yourself from the possibility of bed bugs or dust mites. If you decide to go this route we suggest you take advantage of a mattress delivered to your door service.

Prohibited Items

Your college dorm will likely have a list of prohibited items. Prohibited items vary from dorm to dorm so check your papers. They usually include candles, fairy lights, hot places, incense, space heaters etc.Go through the list carefully. If you still bring the items to your room, there's a chance your RA will find them out during room inspections. You don't want to end up on the wrong side of your RA from the start.

Too Many Items

In all the excitement of packing, there's a good chance you might pack more things that you need or can even stuff in your small dorm room. To avoid this, make a list of all the most important things you will need in college. Pack those first. Then make a list of other things you would like to have with you in college. Make sure none of them are from the prohibited list. Pack them separately.

Take the first box first. Put them in your dorm room, and if there is any more space left you can then bring in the second batch of boxes.

Fancy Cutlery

If you have the money to invest in some fancy cutlery, we advise you to save your money. Instead, buy some disposables. You would most likely be eating cheap meals on your dorm bed from the nearest places. Plus, you don't want to misplace all your fancy cutlery. Save it for a time when you are ready to entertain fancy guests.

Spare Items

The good thing about having a dorm mate is that you can some items with each other. You don't both want to show up with your own television or speaker system. Obviously, you can't play them together. And then, again there's the issue of space.

Connect with your dorm mate. Facebook is a good place to start. Ask them what they are bringing. Divide your spare items so that you can spend money on things you both might need later on.


If you are considering taking along toasters, hot plates, waffle irons, or even a small fridge, we would ask you to stop right now. Many dorm rooms have a policy against allowing college students keep appliances in their room for safety issues. Not only that but you would also need an outlet adapter so if you're really going to push the issue just buy the appliance there.

Plus, you probably won't even have time for all the cooking you are planning. So, delay the idea for now. See what others are doing for their appliance needs. Many appliances are also provided by dorms, so you don't want to lug them to college when they are already there for your disposal.

Needless Stress and Anxiety

There will much of that later in your college life, but right now you don't need all of that. The start of college is a good time. It's time you can experiment with your new found freedom. Stress will come later so enjoy the good times for now.

If you are stressing about college tuition fee and other such costs, we highly recommend Discover Student Loans to cover your college expenses.


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