Top 5 Places in the World Every Coffee Enthusiast Should Visit

Top 5 Places in the World Every Coffee Enthusiast Should Visit

Are you addicted to drinking coffee and you can't imagine a day passing without at least a cup? The love of coffee can make you fancy to travel around the world just to sample other varieties of coffee.

With no doubt, you will definitely enjoy visiting different places in the world where you will get to taste the native coffee. This does not end here - you will have the opportunity to learn about their cultures, beliefs or even tales connected to their love of coffee.

There are many coffee lovers around the world who have gone to the extent of opening cafes or coffee selling shops just to share their love for coffee with other people.

If you are curious about tasting different brews of coffee, here are top five places in the world you should consider visiting.

1. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is commonly known by many people as the 'birthplace of coffee'. The best thing with Ethiopian coffee is that more than 90% of the farmers grow the coffee plants without any chemicals – use of traditional methods.

There are enough coffee shops and cafes in the streets of Ethiopia. The prices of coffee vary from shop to shop. You may find some places overcrowded with buyers since their prices are affordable.

Their Ethiopian lifestyle and culture are purely brought out by their love for coffee. In most homes, there is a coffee ceremony that is conducted in the evening after meals that last for more than an hour.

Coffee preparation in Ethiopia is seen as a spiritual process and has spiritual significance. It is only done by the matriarch of the house. Green coffee beans are placed in a pan and then placed on top of hot coal to roast. The coffee barista of the day has a task to make sure the coffee beans do not burn. Well roasted beans appear to be shiny, oily and dark brown in nature.

Before the beans are roasted, they are passed to different guests to taste their sweet aroma. Later, the Ethiopian women use pestle and mortar to ground the roasted beans into powder.

The women then brew the coffee in a clay pot known as 'jabena' by adding water and beans and bring them to boil. The taste of Ethiopian coffee is out of this world because other ingredients like cloves, cardamom and honey are added. The process of brewing coffee takes time; they entertain their guest by giving them corn, bread and nuts.

During your visit to Ethiopia, you can visit Tomoca Coffee Cafe and Kaldis Coffee Cafe to have a taste of their coffee.

2. Finland

Finland breaks the world record for consumption of coffee. The Finns love their coffee so much that one person can even take more than 2.64 cups of coffee a day. The weather in Finland is cold, hence most people drink coffee to warm up.

Finland is one of many countries that gives its workers coffee breaks. During this time, employees take coffee as they socialise and catch-up. Their traditional brewed coffee is slightly acidic and nothing close to the sweet blends like those from Italy, France and Spain.

Traditionally, the Finns serve coffee in mugs. They have adopted the modern methods of serving coffee and paper cups have become common. Visit cafes like Good life coffee and Moko Market and Cafe to taste their perfectly brewed coffee.

3. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known worldwide for their love for coffee. This can be clearly seen in the songs and poems inspired by coffee. They have a strong coffee culture, for example, most homes serve 'Qhawa' on many important functions.

Saudi Arabians brew strong coffee and they add spices like cardamom. Coffee is served with a specific protocol, starting from the left side. The younger ones serve coffee to older ones, starting with father of the home followed by other elderly relatives.

Before going back home, visit Java Time and Gloria Jean's Coffees shops to buy some coffee for your family and friends. Also, make sure to visit Medd Cafe and Roastery Cafe to have a taste their coffee.

4. Turkey

Turkey is known for its beautiful attractions and tourists who visit the country will enjoy a chance to learn about their culture and lifestyle. Any coffee fanatic will definitely love Turkish culture and their social customs.

The love of coffee by the Turkish is greatly integrated into their lifestyle. Serving of coffee is common in many important ceremonies, functions or even social engagements. The Turkish also believe that one can foretell the outcome of their future by reading the coffee remains on their cups.

During your stay in Turkey, don't miss to visit Velvet Cafe and Hafız Mustafa restaurant to taste the coffee they prepare.


Even with the growing technology, India is the only country that holds their traditional equipment for brewing coffee. If you a lucky to visit any home in the southern of India, you are likely to be welcomed with a cup of kaapi.

Coffee in India is only grown in the southern part of the country, and famously known for its high-grade Arabica coffee.

Indians brew their coffee steadily, filter it and serve it in a metallic cup or tumbler. They love to add sugar and milk for added flavour.

Visit Indian Coffee House to buy Indian coffee before leaving the country to take to your relatives.

There you go, enjoy yourself as you visit places around the world to explore the types, tastes and varieties of coffee. 



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