Top 12 Employment Skills Provided by Studying Abroad


Studying abroad provides plenty of benefits and makes aspiring employees attractive to potential employers. Even when applying for jobs with the help of a resume writer online you will feel confident because nowadays employers need multi-skilled employees with cross-cultural perspectives. The skills you acquire by studying abroad enable employers to project your ability to apply them in diverse work environments.

Although there are plenty of skills you can actually acquire by studying abroad, we have selected the most important and indispensable ones. We present you the top 12 skills you can acquire from other countries.

1. Multilingualism

Studying abroad will expose you to a plethora of languages spoken by native people as well as fellow international students. This ability to converse in many languages makes you attractive to employers. It shows how fast-learning and adaptive you are. Speaking and listening skills are already incorporated in your multilingualism.

2. Personal growth

When studying abroad, you will be more self-confident, reliant and independent. At the same time, you will realize the importance of personal growth in a different culture. This personal growth is attractive to potential employers.

3. Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are non-negotiable to employers. For the fact that you can integrate in a different culture and succeed, it reflects a tremendous achievement in interpersonal skills. It shows how advanced your communication skills are because it is challenging to work with multicultural people in problem solving scenarios. By just knowing that you have studied abroad, employers will not doubt your interpersonal skills.

4. Teamwork

Programs that require students to study abroad promote teamwork with native students and fellow international students. From these teamwork initiatives you learn a lot how to engage with others from different cultural backgrounds. It puts you in a good position to engage with anyone. That multicultural engagement is paramount in your employment opportunities.

5. Global perspective

Employers endeavor to be globally relevant with their strategies and solutions. As thus, they would love to have someone with a global perspective. Studying abroad exposes you to many economic backgrounds. It also helps you see how others approach problem solving techniques. So you will have diverse thoughts and values that will benefit your local companies. Stipulate these attributes on your resume. Craftresumes can help you tailor your resume to specific jobs.

6. Acquire leadership skills

Leadership skills are diverse and vary from one country to the other. As you study abroad you will get this exposure to how leaders conduct themselves to achieve their objectives. Even if you are not in a leadership position in that foreign country, you will certainly see how a native or a fellow international student approaches leadership techniques.

7. Patience

Learning a foreign language or integrating in other cultures requires a lot of work. An impatient person may not withstand that. If you succeed in a foreign land it shows how patient you are. That is a predominant skill employers are looking at. It shows you can apply the same patience when learning new things in a multicultural business environment.

8. Problem solving skills

Same with leadership skills, problem solving skills may differ from one country to the other. Because you engage with native students and other international students, you will be in a better position to learn more about problem solving approaches. You will also learn to be creative in a foreign land where you engage with students who do not understand your native language. Moreover, you will acquire multidisciplinary thinking which employers value among other skills.

9. Self-discipline

In a foreign land you do not have your parents or siblings to force you to go to school. All you need is to push yourself and achieve your dreams. That contributes to your self-discipline, the skill employers expect in their employees. You probably have the sponsor and represent your college or university back at home. All they want is the best out of you. Employers need that.

10. Presentation skills

Presenting your projects in front of foreign people will improve your presentation skills. It will help you acquire plenty of skills of presenting in front of anyone in spite of their cultural background. In the corporate world we come across many businesses from different worlds. Employers need someone who is versatile to present their business strategies.

11. Self-responsibility

When you stay and study in a foreign country, you have the responsibility to ensure that you achieve what you came for. For every action you take, you are responsible on your own. All you need is to make things work and go back home with results not excuses. This proves to employers that you can take responsibility of yourself and your actions.

12. Flexibility

You may not like what other cultures do, but a mere fact that you can integrate with them shows how flexible you are. Multinational companies endorse this employment skill.

To wrap up, if an opportunity comes to study abroad, grab that firmly. It will surely open doors for you in many companies. You will stand above the crowd for the skills we have mentioned above. Companies know that they do not have to spend money trying to improve some of the skills we have discussed above. 



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22 January 2022
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