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The Importance of Writing Skills for Those Who Move Abroad


Regardless of the reasons you are moving abroad, having great writing skills could remarkably improve your prospects. Think of the possibility of effortlessly going through immigration at the countries you visit and tendering your documents on request, without having to design to the 'superiority' and patronage of the immigration officer.

With our ever-expanding world without boundaries, communicating excellently via writing could go a long way to getting you that desired job, business deal, into the VIP restricted area, enable you to communicate effortlessly with business partners, and provide guarantees that you can reach out to authorities in any location where you reside.

The plethora of reasons is there with which to motivate you to ramp up your writing skills. Let's look at some of these reasons, and see how they can effectively smoothen your passage, on your trip to your destination of choice, and in the different locations.

1. Handling Travel Documents

Except for travelers planning short stays on tourist visas, or visiting visa-free countries, intending expats are going to require lots of documents to successfully move and relocate abroad.

Applications for visas, and expressing travel intent are areas that are going to require intelligent and expressive writing.

2. Statement of Purpose

If you are planning to move to a new country for educational purposes, one of the primary requirements for admission would be a 'statement of purpose'.

While some applicants do carry out this requirement by delegating the writing to a proven professional, educational institutions sometimes do demand a first-person review of these documents, to ascertain credibility.

Showing fluency in writing would not only cement your place in the institution, it would also go a long way to validate your credibility.

3. Resolving Immigration issues

Patrick and Martha had been living in the UAE on visit visas, prior to determining if they were going to relocate permanently. Having challenges with renewing their short-term visas, Patrick wrote a letter to an immigration lawyer, requesting for assistance, who in turn forwarded the letter to the immigration office. 

On the resolution of the situation, the immigration officer cited the clarity in Patrick's letter as one of the influencing factors that got the couple favorable responses to their request.

4. Hitches in the new country

Traveling to a new country comes with its risks and rewards. Having the variance of reasons why people travel, there are several instances where you might have to utilize your writing skills in the new country of residence. In some places like Ecuador, Nicaragua, or Panama etc. where dealing with the bureaucratic establishments might be challenging, a well-written script to the department of interest could help to resolve issues the expat might face.

From accommodation issues to simple utility setbacks like water, some residents do complain about having to write to the affected department severally, before responses and resolution are affected.

5. Writing effectively is akin to learning a new language

Moving to a new country, might requiring having to learn new nuances, idioms, phrases, and manner in which locals of these countries express themselves.
The sooner you can effectively learn the domestic language, and put these into writing, would go a long way to integrating you on the good side of your new neighbors.

6. Can you earn money writing while 36000 feet above sea water?

While this might seem improbable, and might not be for everyone, with the arrival of the internet and the abundance of information you see online, this reflects an attempt at connecting people from different parts of the world.

Thus, another way to utilize your travel experience is by writing about it. There are several blogs, websites, and forums that provide information about the joys and travails of traveling to new locations. As much as you would be communicating with individuals in the same location, you would also be putting up-to-date information about occurrences in your new location.

Also, individuals residing in new, foreign countries are usually requested by major newspapers and travel magazines to provide information on experiences in these locations. These are featured posts, and the writers do have the opportunity, via this medium, to earn recurring incomes.

However, if you are going to be writing for the internet, it is important that you have a plagiarism checker in place, so you don't in ignorance, copy some other person's work. It wouldn't be nice that after you have culled out an educative and engaging piece, you end up indicted for plagiarism.

Having effective writing skills would be an additional tool to help you get exposed to your new neighbors, as well as help you communicate proactively with the locals.



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21 September 2020
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