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The Best Countries to Study Masonry Abroad


Although studying masonry abroad may be something to consider, be sure to speak to a professional masonry contractor here in the U.S. if you need masonry work handled before you are finished with your studies. You may even be able to find a quality masonry contractor who could use your skill to work as an assistant for the company learning the trade during your studies. Licensed masonry contractors are in great demand worldwide, so be sure to take your time to carefully select where you will best learn the trade so you can ensure a secure future in your chosen field of expertise.

The U.K.

All over the U.K. you'll find impressive castles, bridges, stone buildings and houses constructed of stone. While timber-based building is being used heavily today, there are still plenty of experts that linger throughout countries in the U.K. that you can draw wisdom from. If you're interested in learning how to build stone walls, construct long-lasting stone buildings or to shape and form stone to meet your needs, one of the best places to study is within the U.K. Take the time to track down the skilled, professional local experts in stone masonry and you'll have a way to learn a powerful tool that's slowly becoming less popular and less utilized.


Believe it or not, Canada has rich stone masonry history and is home to some of the most beautiful stone-built buildings available today. Canada is home to elaborate Gothic architecture and some very skilled stone masons live within the country. There are many courses available in Canada and plenty of experts available to teach you how to shape, cut and build with stone effectively.


France is home to some of the most glorious churches, temples and castles and it's a hot spot for stone mason experts as well. If you're looking for a good country to cultivate your skill for building with stone, this could be a place worthwhile to check out. Sign up for a mason course within the country, check out some of the beautiful local architecture to inspire you and learn how to construct stone walls, floors and other objects to become an effective builder.


There are few places in the world today that are as well-known for their excellent stone masonry. Whether you're taking in the beauty of one of the coliseums, or you're simply looking at one of the many temples, examples of fine stone masonry are all around you in Rome. What better country is there to go and learn how to build with stones? Sure, many people have long forgotten how to build with stone properly, but there are still plenty of experts in Rome that are willing to teach new students how to do it right.

There are plenty of learning opportunities to learn masonry at home as well as globally, so be sure to consider all your options before determining the one best suited for you. Once you become proficient with your masonry skills, however, you will find that the world is a large place and your new skills can be used globally to enhance and enrich communities worldwide. 

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