Doing Laundry While Abroad

Whether you’re working on a farm in Nicaragua living in dirt stained thrift store coveralls or supervising as a French country club manager with a pristine uniform, you’ll find that you will inevitably need to bring out the suds and do some laundry.  But depending on the ethnic, economic and environmental situation you may find yourself in, laundry may not be what it was back home. In the modernized world, washing machines are a dime a dozen...

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Traveller Tricks: Packing Like a Pro

For experienced travellers, these tips might seem like old news, but for those just hitting the road, these helpful tricks might make a major difference when it comes to fitting those last few essential pieces into your luggage. You may think you’re a light traveller but is that because you’ve forgotten important items? Here are a few tips to help you be the most proficient packer possible.  1. Rolling your clothes rather than folding t...

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