Overcoming Cultural Differences While Living In South Korea

 There are thousands of people that move to live in South Korea every year, but among this population is a number of people who find the differences to be too great and end up moving back to their home countries. It is definitely worth researching the challenges and differences you are likely to encounter before moving to South Korea, so then ...
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The Challenges Of Living In South Korea

When it comes to welcoming visitors who want to live and work in South Korea, there are many ways in which the country can be very welcoming and open its doors to those from other countries, but there are also many ways in which moving there can be very challenging. The key to emigrating successfully to the country is to identify the challenges that you may encounter, and then to deal with those challenges so they become less of a factor in every...
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Volunteering Opportunities In South Korea

One of the best ways of traveling and embracing the culture of your destination is by choosing to volunteer in a country, and this can often prove to be one of the most rewarding methods of combining valuable work with your passion for travel. There are a variety of different ways in which you can support projects in South Korea with your time and effort, but as the country is well developed, many of the traditional volunteering roles are differe...
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Discover South Korea By Bike

Korea has become a haven for bicyclists. As part of a major water restoration project, the South Korean government created bike paths following four of the nation’s largest rivers. Now with thousands of kilometers of riverside trails, more people are encouraged to discover the Republic of Korea by bike.  HAN AND NAKDONG RIVER BIKE PATHS: Seoul to BusanThe trip from Seoul to Busan takes about five days. Doing the trail in three...
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Teach in South Korea

South Korea is a fascinating country, which is known for technology, food, and culture. If you are looking for a break from your life, a new career, or a possible beginning job after graduation, consider teaching English in South Korea. South Korean schools and education centers pay well because the value on education is very high. Since you are a teacher, you would be able to have plenty of vacation time in which to travel around the countr...
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