Shark Enlightenment and Hawaiian Culture at Maui Ocean Center

The allure of Maui’s marine wonderland draws millions of visitors to the Valley Isle, but in recent years, there has been a growing trepidation to get in the water as a result of numerous reports of local shark attacks combined with the media’s ill representation of sharks as bloodthirsty killers. While there have been efforts to develop education about the reality of sharks through media channels such as Discovery’s Shark Week , humans are able ...
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Thursday, 12 March 2015 15:14
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The Real Sharknado & How To Be Safe When Swimming Abroad

Sharks have become the villains of the sea thanks to theatrical portrayals like Jaws and Discovery Channel’s Shark Week , which was originally meant to educate the public about how sharks  are not the fearsome creatures that Hollywood makes them out to be, but has now deteriorated into overhyped adrenaline fuelled programs about Air Jaws, which highlights white sharks breaching during feeding or the fictional mock-umentaries about monstrous ...
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Conscious Shark Eco-Tourism While Traveling Abroad

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has been on air for 26 years, airing mid-summer with millions of viewers tuning in to see the latest footage of Great White Sharks breaching the South African waters as they swallow seals between their gleaming teeth-filled jaws. The general consensus these days is that sharks are bloodthirsty killing machines that are increasingly hunting down humans, but in reality we are the ones who should be feared .  Ther...
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