One day, in Beijing…

One day you wake up and find yourself in the capital of the Middle Kingdom, Beijing. You find it hard to believe that you are now in the center of what will soon become the strongest economy in the world. However, despite this new world that you are living in, it seems many people here are still living in the old world. You find people washing thei...

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Adapting To The New Zealand Way Of Life

New Zealand is famous for being a wonderful holiday destination with beautiful scenery and great people, so it is no surprise that many people take advantage of the opportunity to live and work in the country. However, while taking a holiday in the country opens up some aspects of life in the country, the way of life in New Zealand can take some ti...

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How 2 People I Met in Thailand Changed My Life

I was a stranger to solo backpacking until 3 years ago and it changed my life. It transformed my view of who people were around the world and who I was. It pushed me to talk to people who I would have been too scared to and it pushed me to my limits and made me a more compassionate person. Ever since my backpacking trip after my college graduation,...

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Finding Volunteering Roles In The Brazilian Amazon

The majority of people who consider looking for volunteer placements with charitable projects and non-government organizations will look to find something that is different to their own background, and for something that can make a real difference. While there are many amazing parts of the Amazon, it is fair to say that it is quite unlike anywhere ...

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Overcoming Cultural Differences While Living In South Korea

 There are thousands of people that move to live in South Korea every year, but among this population is a number of people who find the differences to be too great and end up moving back to their home countries. It is definitely worth researching the challenges and differences you are likely to encounter before moving to South Korea, so then ...

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