The Best Cities to Travel to For a Student in China

It can be a pleasant experience traveling in China as a student. The country is diverse in its culture, people, and landscapes. And although historical sites in China such as the Great Wall, Emie Shan, Yangshuo are incredibly popular sites for travelers, Chinese cities are where the real magic happens.

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How to Cope With The Lack of Communication After Your Immigration

Getting familiar to a foreign country is the most exciting thing in the world. You get to see new places. You try new tastes. You witness and experience a whole new culture that's changing your points of view. For most immigrants, however, there's a serious problem: communication.

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How Volunteering and Charity May Help You to Boost Your Career

The majority of people are likely to underestimate volunteering experience and never to consider these non-paid jobs. But voluntary work has a lot of hidden potential that people don't know about. Let's find out benefits of volunteering it can bring to you, what precious skills you can develop while working as a volunteer and most importantly how this experience will boost your career.

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Ryokans Kyoto Tradition and History in Japan

​Japan is steeped in tradition as Kyoto remains the home of the Geisha still living in ancient Ryokan. The masterful art of woven flooring and ergonomically designed chairs provide the ultimate experience. IKUMATSU Situated in an ideal spot along the Takase River, the ryokan has a colourful history. Named after the Geisha Ikumatse by one of the Mei...

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