How much does it cost to live in Chicago for one month?

Standing tall as America's Second City (even if Los Angeles has since passed it in population), Chicago has one of the nation's most vibrant business, food and cultural scenes. From theater that rivals what is available on Broadway in NYC, to American food standards that subtract years from your life but add to your inner happiness, Chicago has so much to discover that you may want to spend several months here. If you choose to do ...
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Internships in Chicago

When you think of Chicago, perhaps one of the best talents in sports history, Michael Jordan, comes to mind. Perhaps you picture another iconic image - deep dish pizza, or maybe even the city’s nickname, the windy city, conjures up images in your mind. Apart from the stereotypes, have you ever wondered what opportunities await for you in Chicago as a student? What is Chicago like?  Chicago is the third most populous city in th...
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