The Best Countries to Study Masonry Abroad

Although studying masonry abroad may be something to consider, be sure to speak to a professional masonry contractor here in the U.S. if you need masonry work handled before you are finished with your studies. You may even be able to find a quality masonry contractor who could use your skill to work as an assistant for the company learning the trade during your studies. Licensed masonry contractors are in great demand worldwide, so be sure to take your time to carefully select where you will best learn the trade so you can ensure a secure future in your chosen field of expertise.

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How much does it cost to live in Toronto for one month?

Toronto is Canada's largest city and its centre of media and culture, but with cultures from all across the globe calling this metropolis of 5.5 million people home, its praises are sung by most that visit this vibrant alpha world city.  Being such a desirable place to live also means that the T Dot (as it is called by many locals) is not the cheapest spot in the world to visit. If you are prepared to shoulder the financial responsibilities ...

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Internships in Calgary, Canada

Calgary in Alberta, Canada, is situated at around 80kms from the Canadian Rockies. It is the biggest city in Alberta and the third largest municipality in Canada.  According to a 2011 census, the city has a population of 1,096,833. Calgary’s metropolitan area houses the second largest number of corporate head offices from Canada’s 800 largest corporate companies. The city’s robust economy includes energy, financial services, transportat...

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Internships in Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa - the capital of Canada - is the fourth largest city in the country with population of 1.1 million inhabitants. It’s known for beautiful views of architecture of the city with a backdrop of the waters of the Ottawa River. It is also one of the fastest developing areas in the whole of North America. Ottawa is a great place for various educational, job and internship opportunities of various fields.   What it’s like in Ottawa ...

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10 Awesome Things to Do in Canada’s 10 Provinces

If you’re considering studying or working abroad in Canada, you may be unsure how to choose where to go in the second largest country in the world. Each province has its own unique draw and reasons for visiting or living there. One thing is for certain: Canada is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world, full of friendly people and many activities to enjoy. The following are ten reasons to visit each of the ten provinces in...

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