8 Travel Experiences Everyone Should Try

Travel is a broad church. It can involve everything from daytrips and weekends in the country, to full-blown globetrotting adventures. If you're one of the many people for whom wanderlust is a regular feeling, then narrowing down what kind of travel experience to try next can be a frustrating task. For those with a love of exploration, here are a few travel experiences that everyone should aim to try at least once.

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Traveling with Oversized Baggage

Oversized luggage and overweight luggage are two different ball games. Oversized luggage refers to bags that are over the general size limitations, bags carrying items such as sports equipment like boards and skis, golf bags, musical instruments, and baby strollers. Overweight baggage means your appropriately sized check-in baggage weighs more than the allotted limit that is typically allowed.     The fees associated with oversized bagg...
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Rules for Backpacking around Turkey

Turkey is an incredible country that is filled with history, culture, and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet in your life. The turquoise waters, spectacularly diverse landscape, and mouthwatering food simply add to the spectacular charm. One of the best aspects of Turkey is that is can be cost effective for budget-conscious travelers and is extremely easy to navigate. There is a comprehensive system of buses, planes, and train...
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Top Travel Essentials: Don't Leave Home Without These 10 Items!

Packing for an overseas trip can be a daunting task, particularly if you will be away for several months. So, how do you decide what makes the cut for the precious space in your backpack? And, more importantly, which items will you consider essentials when on the road? Having travelled to over 60 countries, I have accumulated some knowledge along the way about what I consider to be the items I simply don’t leave home without. Assuming you have th...
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Toothbrush failed to make a top 10 list on travel... should be in the top 3.
Monday, 06 October 2014 02:54
Sally Zeunert
I agree Michael that a toothbrush is indeed an essential! However, I have assumed that the basics are covered, so this list includ... Read More
Tuesday, 07 October 2014 17:12
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Traveller Tricks: Packing Like a Pro

For experienced travellers, these tips might seem like old news, but for those just hitting the road, these helpful tricks might make a major difference when it comes to fitting those last few essential pieces into your luggage. You may think you’re a light traveller but is that because you’ve forgotten important items? Here are a few tips to help you be the most proficient packer possible.  1. Rolling your clothes rather than folding t...
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Rules for Backpacking around Western China

After I graduated from university and taught English in Hong Kong for a year, I backpacked around Western China, and boy, did I learn some hard truths. These truths were recently reinforced by another three-week trip around the region and I am here to share my hard-won gems of knowledge. I came, I saw, I survived, and with my help you will too. This is a remarkably beautiful area with plenty of tasty food to nom (including true Sichuan peppercorn...
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