Study Abroad Expeditions with National Geographic

Study Abroad Expeditions with National Geographic

The world-renowned adventure, environmental and cultural society that is National Geographic, now offers students the opportunity to experience what it means to be a member of the Nat Geo Society, whether that is as a reporter, a photographer, explorer or scientist. 

There are five different programs that students can get involved with: Expeditions, Conservation in Action trips, Photography workshops, Community Service trips and a recently added On-Campus program based in Colorado. 




The expedition trips provide students with the chance to dive head first into the depths of exotic countries, while focusing on a specific field of study. Students will have an On Assignment project as their focus for their time abroad, which usually includes two to three focus topics. These adventures are developed with the most daring explorers in mind, and On Assignment projects are pursued through hands on learning, excursions and are lead by knowledgeable guides. 

Trips can range from assisting ongoing archaeological excavations in South Africa to photographic adventures in the Swiss Alps to the alien topography of Iceland as students observe geology, climate and media.


Conservation in Action 


For aspiring conservationists, this is an experience that can give them a glimpse into what it takes to preserve wildlife and protect the environment. National Geographic’s mission statement is “to inspire people to care about the planet” is the inspiration for these trips, as they take students into sustainable farms, wildlife, nature and marine reserves, allowing them to work side by side active scientists in ongoing research studies, as well as teaching them valuable conservation skills. 

Students will be accountable for a final project presentation comprised of photography, video, data research and other forms of communicative mediums that will help inspire awareness about the experience with conservation efforts that they explored during their expedition. Brazil needs help conserving its unique bio-diversity, while orcas in the Pacific Northwest need passionate conservationist to help monitor their population levels. See what other destinations you can go to here


Community Service 


If you are more interested in being involved with a trip that is dedicated to service related projects, the Nat Geo Community Service trips will give students the chance to work side by side with local communities on local projects. Focus will be on projects surrounding infrastructure, environmental sustainability and educational developments, with progress being documented through various media including photography, videography and journaling. The cultural insight that students will gain allows for deeper interactions with the host community as well as a more comprehensive understanding of life as a result of their immersion is irreplaceable. 

These trips usually last about two weeks, and there is a wealth of diverse destinations to venture to, such as Fiji, Thailand or Peru, see if any of these trips suit your interests here


Photo Workshops


Most people would say that National Geographic is the epitome of breath taking, professional and next level photography, which is why many students with a passion for photography will be interested to pursue training with the best of the best! These workshops will push students’ photography with new lessons and skills every day, followed by tours through picturesque destinations that allow them to practice their newly learned tools. Students are led by professional photographers with years of experience that will impart their knowledge on not just shooting techniques, but editing as well and the workshop concludes with students organizing their own curated exhibition. Capture the city sights of Paris or Barcelona, or channel Ansel Adams as you photograph Yellowstone National Park, or see your other options here


On Campus 


The newest addition to the National Geographic expedition trip line up is the “On Campus” option, which is hosted at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Students will work along industry experts discussing global topics, nature conservation, storytelling and climate change. This unique program provides the opportunity for students to learn from the best of the best in both classroom and in the field, while making lasting connections with other adventurers like them! Learn more about this program here.



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