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Spooky Halloween Celebrations Worldwide

Spooky Halloween Celebrations Worldwide

Halloween is approaching and it’s time to break out that costume and a suitcase! Halloween is also known as All Hallows’ Eve and is the time of year when pranks are the norm, fear is the emotion, and folk embrace their sweet tooth. Carve a pumpkin and decorate your house with bats and spider webs and ghouls that will haunt all who pass by. Rent a scary movie or two and don’t worry too much when you scatter the popcorn everywhere as you quake in fear. 

However, if this year you are tired of the same Halloween parties and are done with trick-or-treating, now might be the time to get out into the world and see how different countries and cultures celebrate. Whether it is your goal to visit every haunted house in the United States or you wish to see the creepy home of one of horror’s legendary creatures, you still have time to book that ticket. This bone-chilling holiday is not for the faint of heart and with that in mind, this is a list compiled of some of the best places that are ready to give you a good scare. 


1. Salem, Massachusetts




This list just would not be complete without the home of the Salem Witch Trials. A grisly period in American history, Salem was the site of a lot of pain and suffering. Now the town’s residents have fully embraced their witchcraft history with a wild Halloween celebration, a commemorative museum, and plenty of stores to buy ingredients for your witchy brews. If you swing by Salem, make sure to pay your respects to those individuals who were falsely persecuted by visiting the cemetery.  


2. London, England




London takes on Halloween with Haunted House style! Plenty of dungeons to be visited and hair to be raised as you tour places of pain, suffering, and some pretty interesting pyrotechnic displays. Visit libraries for scary story readings, visit local theatres for movie showings of horror classics, and find the perfect monster bash to celebrate Halloween in terrified style. 


3. Bran Castle, Romania 




No Halloween would be complete without a visit to the home of Count Dracula himself. Dracula is reputed to be based on Vlad the Impaler, a real life individual whose life will make your blood curdle. Bran Castle is on the only castle in the region that fits Bram Stoker’s description and so it took on the mantle of Dracula’s castle. Take a night tour with Vlad himself or indulge in some scary movies and a Halloween bash. 


4. Toronto, Canada




If zombie walks are your mark of a great Halloween celebration, then look no further than Toronto. An exuberant city that takes its Halloween to the streets, you can join in and cry BRAINSSSSS with the best of them. Show off your costume in parties all over the city and even consider a ride on the Ghost Ship with its very own costume contest. 


5. Derry, Ireland




Derry is home to one of the most famous Halloween celebrations in the world. Join the Banks of Foyle Halloween Carnival and marvel at creative costumes, stunning fireworks, and plenty of creepy cheer. Do not forget to bring your camera because the whole town goes all out and it is a sight to see. Make sure to bring a costume because some establishments have been known to turn away patrons who did not make an effort!   

Other spooky destinations to check out: Denver, Colorado; Kutna Hora, Czech Republic; New Orleans, Louisiana; Chicago, Illinois; Hill of Crosses, Lithuania; 

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