Planning a Family Visit When You Study Abroad: A Guide


It is easy to see why so many people are now looking to study abroad as this can be a valuable and life-changing experience. While the feeling of studying and living overseas is incredibly liberating, there will be times that you miss home and your family so you may find that you want to plan a visit at some point during your studies. It can be helpful to plan a family visit when studying overseas as it will stop any feelings of homesickness and allow you to reconnect with those closest to you. It can also be difficult to arrange so read on for a few tips.


Finding the time to head back home for a family visit is difficult when you are studying. It is essential that it does not interfere with your studies, so ideally it will be sometime during the holidays when you will not have lectures or seminars to attend. If this is not possible or too expensive, you could try to find a suitable window or speak to your tutor about when the best time would be and how you can keep up during your trip. You will, of course, want to check in with your family to find the right time too!

Looking After Your Accommodation

Nobody likes to leave their accommodation for an extended period of time, especially if they live alone. Therefore, it is worth getting someone to keep an eye on the property, to water plants, and so on while you are away. It is also good practice to switch off any electrics at the wall and to shut off the water before you leave.

Finding Somewhere To Stay

You will also need to arrange somewhere to stay during your visit. It can be easy to find short-term rentals at places like VacationRenter which will give you your own space and allow you to feel at home and settled during your visit.


Seeing as this will be a special visit, it is vital that you have a plan for each day in order to make the most of it. Speak with your family about any activities, events or meals that you could all enjoy together. Even if you do not do something every day; it is still helpful to have a plan in case you do not know what to do.


Although your primary focus will be catching up with your family, it is crucial that you do not neglect your studies during your visit. It can be very easy to fall behind when studying so set yourself enough time during the trip to keep up to date and be sure to check in with your lecturers and classmates to stay connected so that it is easier to reintegrate when you return.

A family visit can be a great idea if you are studying overseas and start to feel homesick. This can be difficult to organize, and you will need to make sure that it does not interfere with your studies, but the above tips should help you to plan a fun, valuable and successful family trip.



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22 February 2020
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