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Pains and Gains of Academic Writing Book Summary


Getting down to studying academic writing is not simple. It requires a full course of preparatory learning, hours and hours of practice, and a solid understanding of the basic principles of writing. Since students are different and could belong to different types of learners, it is impossible to define the specific amount of time to learn how to write academic papers. Still, there is always a way to simplify theory and get a grasp of the material in shorter terms. This way is especially useful when you missed academic writing classes or had to cover the discipline on your own.

We believe that learning to write in an academic style can be quite successful with top books to guide you such as 'Pains and Gain of Academic Writing' released by Custom Writings in 2020. Being a contemporary, well planned, and organized map to navigate the world of academic writing, the book is filled with useful knowledge to help you become an excellent writer. You will not find here any boring rules – just the practical and up-to-date pieces of advice.

Why Is the Book So Valued in Academic Environments?

If the words 'academic writing' sound like a rough sentence to you and the only emotions it arouses are boredom, sadness, and the desire to escape the task at all possible means, you have come across the right feed. Even if you don't see yourself as a writer. Even if you never planned to learn academic writing for action research. This book will get you hooked to writing in an interesting way just like telling an exciting story but with more advanced and, perhaps, more formal vocabulary. It will take you on an unexpectedly transforming journey from a beginner who could not write a decent paragraph to a confident and skillful student who is ready to explain one's point of view, prove it with nice arguments, and carry out scientific research in your papers.

The book will also be extremely helpful in teaching you how to survive the peer review and answer critical comments given concerning your work. Starting from the basics of writing (that you will, by the way, need in any writing style), it will guide you to getting the skills of putting your ideas into the right words, carefully choosing vocabulary with the right shades of meaning, sequencing and structuring your paragraphs so that they make a flawless logical chain of theses, arguments, references to other authors and researchers, including good concluding sentences and general conclusions. This will alsoSince each type of academic paper needs you to follow a certain frame and sets a particular goal, on 172 pages of 'Pains and Gains of Academic Writing', you will discover how to fit into those requirements and not lose the most valuable – the good content. Various practical tasks are there to help you perfect your technique and have some writing experience. You will practice on the assignments that are based on relevant theory. Most tasks are also very fun to complete.

Whether you choose to go with the book alone or with a mate, it will gradually take you to the point where you will feel empowered to take those frames and fill them with your own content rendering your own messages through it. Together, you can correct and review each others' pieces of writing, learn from each others' mistakes, and reach the heights in the academic style. And the main plus is that with 'Pains and Gains of Academic Writing' you could cover the key aspects of academic writing in a quite short period of time compared to a full college or university course.

Conclusion and Outline

There is indeed so much about this book to admire. But if to view the book in brief, it will help you to solve the following tasks.

  1. Delving into the fundamental principles of writing from zero.
  2. Mastering academic writing for different types of academic papers.
  3. Becoming more aware of the academic papers' structure. Learning to sequence arguments and hypotheses in the right way.
  4. Learning to pick vocabulary and grammatical structures for the academic style of writing.
  5. Tackling problems that you had with different practical tasks.
  6. Dealing with writing tasks in a more fun and interactive way than in usual classes.

If these are the goals that you have been thinking of and you desire to become an autonomous essay, research paper, and report writer, go ahead and pick this book as your reliable guide to reach the aims. For more info about this book and its real uses, read here.

About the Authors

The team that has created this reliable book guide for mastering academic writing is the custom academic writing company Custom Writings designed to help college students with their challenging tasks. With years of experience, they help students from Germany, the UK, the USA, Canada, and other countries to reach excellence at college. All in all, they are known to have written over 900,000 papers for students all over the globe.

It is the place where professional writers will provide fast and legitimate online assistance with both widespread academic papers and more rare ones – report papers, essays, dissertation and thesis papers, book reviews, etc. Every piece of summary, review, or essay created by these experts is sure to be a unique paper. Write to professionals at Custom Writings if you feel that's what you need right now. 

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