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Study Abroad in Italy

The diverse, beautiful, and historical country of Italy is the perfect place to study abroad. Between the sheer breadth of subjects to study and the enormous amount of delicious food to eat, why would you not travel to Italy? Imagine sitting in a café and watching the elegantly dressed locals pass by while you sip an espresso and then head off to a class on Italian architecture or the Italian Renaissance. As a student, you would have the free tim...

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How to Find a Homestay Abroad

As you research programs to spend some time studying or volunteering abroad, you’re likely to come across the option to do a homestay. Many organizations, particularly those that run study abroad programs, use homestays as the primary type of housing for participants. Before you sign up for a semester living in a stranger’s house, though, it’s important to know what you’re getting into.  So what exactly is a homestay, anyway?   How it w...

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How to get Student visa in the UK

So you want to study in the United Kingdom? Congratulations – you’ve chosen wisely! With its prestigious, centuries-old prep schools and some of the world’s most highly-ranked universities, the United Kingdom has long been a center for foreign students of all ages. While many schools and universities actively seek and encourage enrollment by students from other countries, the process isn’t quite as simple as paying tuition and buying a plane...

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Teach in South Korea

South Korea is a fascinating country, which is known for technology, food, and culture. If you are looking for a break from your life, a new career, or a possible beginning job after graduation, consider teaching English in South Korea. South Korean schools and education centers pay well because the value on education is very high. Since you are a teacher, you would be able to have plenty of vacation time in which to travel around the countr...

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Volunteer in Thailand

Thailand is a land of lumbering elephants, breathtaking beaches, dramatic temples, and towering mountains. With everything from glittering cities full of skyscrapers to rustic villages set amidst forests and rice paddies, Thailand has such a variety of sights to keep even the most well-traveled entertained. Volunteerism is a growing activity that gives globe trekkers and vacationers a chance to interact with the local community. You will get...

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Language Study in Spain

Spain is the land of flashy Flamenco dancing, the adrenaline-pumping Running of the Bulls, and the thrillingly messy La Tomatina food throwing festival. This country is a goldmine of activities, delectable food, and delicious drinks, and it is also the perfect place to learn Spanish. Would you rather learn a new language sitting in a classroom or by going out into the streets and shopping at the local market and then sipping sangria at the l...

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Intern Abroad in England

A seamless mix of history and modernity, England is an excellent place to go for a fascinating internship. Whether you choose to live in cosmopolitan London or academic Oxford, there is something that will appeal to everyone. You will get to learn valuable workplace skills as you explore the “real world” alongside your English cohorts. In this globalized world, you will need to be able to compete with others who have international experience...

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Study Abroad in France

France is one of the most popular study abroad locations in the world for good reason. It is a hub for fashion, food, and French. Whether you are looking to increase your language skills, study pivotal moments in history, design a winning clothes collection, or cook up a delectable meal, France is the obvious choice. Plus, this is one of the top destinations in the world for those studying film since the annual Cannes International Film Fest...

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