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8 Reasons to Travel to Colombia, South America

Despite what the U.S. government warns about Americans traveling to Colombia, it’s really a prime destination. Perhaps because these warnings prevent many travelers from going, it’s a relatively untouched paradise, where the track has yet to be beaten. Not only does it boast lush landscapes and a tropical climate, but also an ample amount of both adventure and relaxation for every traveler to enjoy.    1. The Activities     Wh...

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10 Awesome Things to Do in Canada’s 10 Provinces

If you’re considering studying or working abroad in Canada, you may be unsure how to choose where to go in the second largest country in the world. Each province has its own unique draw and reasons for visiting or living there. One thing is for certain: Canada is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world, full of friendly people and many activities to enjoy. The following are ten reasons to visit each of the ten provinces in...

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The Perks and Drawbacks of Teaching English Overseas

Many new graduates are headed overseas to live the life of an English instructor. TEFL Certificates are in hand and you have this strange idea that you are about to change the world. This lasts until the first five minutes of your first class and then your goal becomes: survive, at all costs. Deep breaths though, by the end of the year, you will be a pro at everything from keeping the kids on task to forestalling a full on meltdown. This is a cha...

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Why Berlin is the Perfect City for Expats

The first time I ever visited Berlin was in October of 2013. I was staying with a local friend who had plenty of room in her apartment to host me. Immediately, I was taken by how affordable everything was, how easy it was for me to survive speaking only English, and how wonderful the general vibe of the city is. It seemed to be full of expats working as digital nomads, teaching English, and studying abroad.  I decided to return and live here...

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5 Must-Dos in Bangkok, Thailand

So you’re planning a trip to Thailand, and you inevitably have to land in Bangkok. You’re considering skipping it altogether and hopping the next flight to Koh Samui or Chang Mai, but something keeps nagging and says, “Maybe you should check out Bangkok.”  That nagging feeling is right.  Though many chock it up to just another big city, Bangkok has a lot going for it. It is a metropolis that is far different from the rest of the country...

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8 Reasons to Teach in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country with wonderful food, a vibrant culture, gorgeous countryside, mild weather, and many amazing cities to choose from. Given all of these realities, It’s no surprise why many who are looking to teach English abroad ultimately decide to move to Spain.  If you’re considering a move to Europe to teach English, why not make Spain your country of choice? The following reasons will motivate you to check Spain ou...

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An Alternative Way to Work Abroad

While some may spend months even years saving up for their worldly expeditions, others take the alternative strategy by finding employment in their new country. A job overseas allows one to become part of the community while at the same time providing an income to fund living, board and adventure costs.  When it comes to gaining employment abroad, you may find yourself limited by strict visa requirements, unable to find an employer or limite...

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Work Hard, Play Hard in Japan

All around Japan, the work culture is a convoluted web of bureaucracy with a set hierarchy of most important person in the room to lowly peon. That said, when your work throws a work party (better known as an enkai), all of that goes out the window. You’ll get to see your coworkers in a whole new light, including your tight-lipped boss and the lady who serves you green tea every morning.    How do I get invited and how much will it cost...

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You Know You're A Southeast Asia Local When

Maybe you’ve been living in Southeast Asia as a digital nomad, or perhaps you’re teaching there, studying, or have been traveling there for months or years on end. Whatever your reason for visiting this warm, delicious, beautiful part of the world, you’re sure to identify with the following signs that you’re now a Southeast Asia local:    1) Your day is kind of ruined because your favorite fruit shake stand is closed   2) You ...

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Volunteer Abroad with Peace Corps

Volunteering overseas is one of the best ways to immerse in a different culture, to assist a community in need, and to grow personally as well as professionally. Volunteers with the Peace Corps serve abroad for up to 27 months, but some shorter-term options are also available. The health and safety of Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) is the agency’s top priority. Peace Corps understands some risks are involved with living and working in emerging cou...

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