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Northern or Southern California, Which Should You Choose?

If you’re considering studying, interning, or working abroad in California, congratulations! You’ve made a great choice. The most populated and one of the largest states in the United States, California is home to all kinds of different industries and excellent institutions of higher education. But in a state with a population of 38.3 million people, covering an area of 423,970 square kilometers, choosing which part of the state to settle in...

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10 Amazing Experiences in Western Canada

Western Canada, traditionally made up of the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, is known for its breathtaking coast, glorious Rocky Mountains and fields that go on as far as the eye can see. There are so many fantastic things to do in the region from the urban cities of Vancouver and Calgary to the beautiful national and provincial parks in the area. Here are 10 amazing experiences in western Canada, specifically t...

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Finding Internships In Greece

When one thinks of Greece, images of towering temples with statues of the ancient gods might come to mind, or perhaps the colorful synchronization of the white and blue architecture of Santorini is where you find your mind wandering off. Regardless of what images first spring to your imagination, turn that daydream into a reality by pursuing an internship in Greece.     What is it like in Greece? Located in Southern Europe, Greece serve...

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10 Awesome Things to See on the USA's East Coast

The East coast of the United States holds some of the oldest history of the nation, from its humble beginnings as an English colony, to the revolutionary war and emergence as a sovereign nation. For those who are looking to live and study abroad in the United States, there is no better place to get a sense of its roots.  Full of varying European cultures, offering an eclectic mix of landscapes and major cities, the eastern coa...

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Top Five Desert Adventures

While summer is well on its way and the temperature has risen to peak height, there are some who may want to continue to turn the heat up. This post is for those who have had a long winter (or are in the middle of a winter and want to escape) and are ready for a scorching desert adventure. Who has not dreamed of riding on a camel across dunes, surfing where there is no water, and watching the enormous starry tableau of a completely clear night sk...

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The Festival of Sky Lights: The Yi Peng Festival in Thailand

A magical exhalation of thousands of paper lanterns rising up onto a pitch-black canvas of the night sky, while a full moon knowingly hovers as a shining pearl in the heavens- this is the experience you will witness if you attend the coveted Yi Peng festival, in Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand. Many brochures and travel books about Thailand feature images of this stunning event, but it isn’t until you actually attend the festival yourself that y...

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WWOOF Hawaii: So You Want To Work Abroad in Paradise?

Hawaii: the palm tree beach playground of America. The majority of people who visit these islands come for a week, maybe two, and some are lucky enough to visit every year, but very few people can imagine calling this place home. The ancient culture, utterly unique flora, and perfectly balanced climate call out to travelers looking for an exotic vacation without having to hassle with different currency and language barriers. Water, sun, and surf;...

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Top Five Summer Travel Destinations

Whether you want mountain, beach, seclusion, or crazy crowds, this list covers the top destinations for the summer of 2014. If you are a traveling family, then the summer season might be your best chance to get away. If you are single or a couple, then the hot weather might be begging you to take a break from your life to find other adventures. Summer brings out sunshine, longer days, and a thirst for exploration.  Each of the following...

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Don’t Insta-waste Your Experience Abroad

Social media has become an inevitable component of the population’s daily existence. The attachment to our social media lives is growing increasingly addictive and is transforming the way we interact physically. People rarely call each other, instead preferring to message through text, chat or employ some other voice-less communication method. Technology has taken us into a new realm where we are able to create the personas that we wish we h...

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Top Five Hiking Destinations in the World

If you have been cooped up in an office or a city too long, it is time to escape the concrete jungle and head to nature for some recreational hiking. Hiking is a great way to exercise the body while taking in some breathtaking views. You might also want to consider a camping trip with no light pollution to hamper viewing the bright night sky full of stars. There are a ton of meteor showers that will light up the sky all year round and the best pl...

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