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Read stories about living abroad while you study, working or volunteer. Discover awesome destinations to explore while traveling abroad. How-tos, and insights—all in the name of helping you level-up your meaningful travel.

10 Reasons to Love Thailand

When people ask me why I love Thailand , it’s hard to think of reasons why not to love Thailand. I mean, what’s not to love about a tropical paradise with some of the friendliest people in the world? What’s not to love about hot pink taxicabs and colorful tuk tuks? About delicious cuisine and a relaxed lifestyle?  After living in Thailand  for nearly one year, I still yearn to return again and again. It’s as if I want to crawl every corner, just ...
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10 Tips to Become a More Competitive Peace Corps Applicant

Deciding to volunteer overseas with the United States Peace Corps  is a life-altering choice. Peace Corps  Volunteers (PCVs) live and work within a community for up to 27 months. The decision to serve for over two years volunteering overseas is not a small one to make. Ready to apply?   HOW PEACE CORPS’ APPLICATION PROCESS WORKS From the time an application is submitted to when a successful candidate is invited to serve usually takes about one ye...
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Problems you can meet when teaching in Thailand

I’m perhaps one of the biggest proponents of traveling to Thailand  you’ll ever meet, and the author of Top 10 Reasons To Love Thailand , but sometimes traveling to a country allows for a different perspective than living and working there. My time as a teacher in Thailand was special, and I will forever hold it dear in my heart. But teaching abroad  requires an open mind, for one is working under the rules of an entirely different system. This m...
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Hong Kong on a Budget

Hong Kong  is one of the most fabulous cities in the world. It has one of the lowest crime rates, has some of the best shopping centers, and some terrific food. It is a busy metropolis with an excellent transportation system and it even boasts a few bar districts. The thriving banking sector and plenty of multinational businesses ensure a continuous flow of expats, wealthy locals, and high-powered people from all countries. The only drawback...
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Teach Abroad in Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand , one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, has many English teaching positions available. If you are interested in experiencing a lively culture in a tropical climate with tasty cuisine and stunning scenery, teaching abroad in Thailand is right for you. Imagine instructing a classroom full of eager, energetic students during the week, and then off to experience the incredible nightlife in Bangkok over the...
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10 Things to Know About Meal Time in China

Perhaps you’ve decided that you’re going to study or teach abroad  in China , but you have no idea what to expect culturally. Like most countries, China’s culture is often most evident at meal times, which you will most likely find is much different than what you’re used to back home. The following tips will help you acclimate better and impress your hosts and friends during dinners in China:    1) Family Style Meals are eaten in a...
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HelpGoAbroad Ltd.
I am native Chinese but I have to say... Well, who does so nowadays? You can just be casual, western dining behaviors are acceptab... Read More
Tuesday, 25 August 2015 21:31
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What to Expect When Moving Abroad to China

China  is the type of place where it seems like just about anything could happen. One day you’re walking down the street, a Ferrari passing your right while a man gets an open-blade shave on the sidewalk to your left. People are fishing in the river that runs through the big, polluted city and the pineapple vendors carve the fruit and sell it for 50 cents from little push-carts all day long. It’s a confusing place that throws just about ever...
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Istanbul on a Budget

Istanbul , formerly Constantinople , is one of the most incredible cities in the world. Sitting astride two continents, Istanbul is a city of gorgeous and iconic mosques. This city is filled with all sorts of exciting activities to do, delicious food to devour, and historical sights to absorb. However, while Istanbul is not as expensive as many cities in Western Europe, it can still be a pretty pricey place to have a good time. While off-sea...
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Language Study in Taiwan

Taiwan , officially the Republic of China, is a lovely little island off the coast of China that very few people seem to have ever heard of. I remember telling my friends that I was going to study abroad  in Taiwan only to hear, “Oh Thailand? Cool!” in response more often than not. In reality, Taiwan offers a unique, vibrant, rich culture with friendly people, a great language learning environment, and great food.  Taiwan  operates...
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The Perks and Drawbacks of Being a Global Nomad

Global nomads are an elusive bunch that never seem to sit still. Always on the move to seek out new places, spaces, and experiences, they can be tricky to pin down. If you want to be a part of this lifestyle, prepare yourself. If you are already living the dream, enjoy and hopefully you will find some familiarity.  1. You are always confused about what time it is because of constant jet lag.   2. You have no idea who to root for during ...
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Haha! So true. I love this. I especially like the "You are a pro at figuring out which app or communication program works best wit... Read More
Tuesday, 24 June 2014 11:48
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So glad you liked the post! Haha, suggestions for Part 2?
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HelpGoAbroad Ltd.
Especially loved the chef Ramsey prayer to not be poisoned again! Hilarious!
Wednesday, 25 June 2014 02:37
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