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Read stories about living abroad while you study, working or volunteer. Discover awesome destinations to explore while traveling abroad. How-tos, and insights—all in the name of helping you level-up your meaningful travel.

8 Reasons to Teach in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country with wonderful food, a vibrant culture, gorgeous countryside, mild weather, and many amazing cities to choose from. Given all of these realities, It’s no surprise why many who are looking to teach English abroad ultimately decide to move to Spain.  If you’re considering a move to Europe to teach English, why not make Spain  your country of choice? The following reasons will motivate you to check Spain o...
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Phil Mathews
Kristin, You are absolutely right about Spain. Your splendid picture of the Alhambra reminded me that it has been my favorite ... Read More
Tuesday, 15 July 2014 17:59
Kristin Addis
Agreed on escaping Berlin for the winter! Barcelona seems absolutely amazing. I'd definitely live there in a heartbeat.
Thursday, 17 July 2014 07:27
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An Alternative Way to Work Abroad

While some may spend months even years saving up for their worldly expeditions, others take the alternative strategy by finding employment in their new country. A job overseas allows one to become part of the community while at the same time providing an income to fund living, board and adventure costs.  When it comes to gaining employment abroad, you may find yourself limited by strict visa requirements, unable to find an employer or limite...
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Work Hard, Play Hard in Japan

All around Japan , the work culture is a convoluted web of bureaucracy with a set hierarchy of most important person in the room to lowly peon. That said, when your work throws a work party (better known as an enkai ), all of that goes out the window. You’ll get to see your coworkers in a whole new light, including your tight-lipped boss and the lady who serves you green tea every morning.    How do I get invited and how much will it co...
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Alexis Nissanka
My way of thinking is Play hard is the reward for working hard. Both aspects should have a balance or an equilibrium. If one is to... Read More
Thursday, 14 August 2014 00:29
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You Know You're A Southeast Asia Local When

Maybe you’ve been living in Southeast Asia  as a digital nomad, or perhaps you’re teaching there, studying, or have been traveling there for months or years on end. Whatever your reason for visiting this warm, delicious, beautiful part of the world, you’re sure to identify with the following signs that you’re now a Southeast Asia local:    1) Your day is kind of ruined because your favorite fruit shake stand is closed   2) You...
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Volunteer Abroad with Peace Corps

Volunteering overseas  is one of the best ways to immerse in a different culture, to assist a community in need, and to grow personally as well as professionally. Volunteers with the Peace Corps  serve abroad for up to 27 months, but some shorter-term options are also available. The health and safety of Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) is the agency’s top priority. Peace Corps understands some risks are involved with living and working in emerging c...
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Should You Study Mandarin in Taiwan or Mainland China?

So you want to study Mandarin , and you want to be immersed - the best way to truly learn a new language.  Wise choice! You’re well on your way to learning one of the most useful and widely-spoken languages in the world. The next question becomes, where should you choose to study? Mainland China , or Taiwan ?     Basic Stats:     Mainland China Taiwan Population 1.35 billion 32 million Land Mass 9,596,960 square kilometer...
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Ten Tips for Eating Street Food Safely

One of the best parts about traveling overseas  is being able to sample the local dishes of each place that you visit. While some opt to go to fancy restaurants and fine dining in order to taste the best of the best, many others choose to hit the streets for cheap and delicious meals. Street food  is fast, fresh (hopefully), and a great way to see how locals eat. You can find street stalls everywhere, such as at markets with rows of com...
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A Practical Guide for Moving to Thailand

Thailand  is the not only the land of smiles, but of warm weather, a tropical climate, and delicious food, not to mention beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, and lush green jungles. No wonder Thailand with its affordable lifestyle attracts so many expats, many of whom are digital nomads, teachers, and students.  Are you considering a move to Thailand? The following is a practical guide to help you on your way:   Thailand at a Glance...
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Discover South Korea By Bike

Korea  has become a haven for bicyclists. As part of a major water restoration project, the South Korean government created bike paths following four of the nation’s largest rivers. Now with thousands of kilometers of riverside trails , more people are encouraged to discover the Republic of Korea by bike.     HAN AND NAKDONG RIVER BIKE PATHS: Seoul to Busan The trip from Seoul to Busan  takes about five days. Doing the trail i...
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Travel Around Guyana, South America

Guyana , South America, where the Caribbean meets Amazonia in a fascinating blending of cultures. Steeped in British and Dutch influence, a place largely unexplored invites you to experience its diverse environment through savannah, jungle, and coastal excursions.    CULTURAL TIPS AND TRAVEL ADVICE English is the official language of the Co-operate Republic of Guyana, but most locals speak with a creole twist. The majority of Guyanese a...
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Sue Neumark
Great pictures and article. You are very talented.
Sunday, 13 July 2014 14:02
Chase Chisholm
Sue, Thank you so much for taking time to read this post, and for your comment! Guyana has such a strong pull. Doesn't it? I thin... Read More
Sunday, 20 July 2014 14:15
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