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Navigating Norwegian Internships

Navigating Norwegian Internships

The Geirangerfjord is a UNESCO protected landscape of snow-covered mountains, gorgeous waterfalls and flourishing greenery. Norway has some of the most gorgeous natural sights in the world, go and check out the amazing fjords. 

The Kingdom of Norway lays on the western region Scandinavian Peninsula, the home of the Vikings and five million people. During the late 1960s, the discovery of a wealth of natural resources such as oil and gas, sky rocketed Norway’s economy and today one fourth of Norway’s GDP is fuelled by their affluent oil industry. Other flourishing Norwegian resources include lumber, seafood, hydropower, and seafood. As a result of their economic stability, they have refused to become a member of the European Union, though is still in good standing with the union. Despite their lack of alignment with the EU, Norway is one of the founding members of NATO, the United Nations and a member of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the World Trade Organization and the European Economic Community.




The capital city of Oslo is the hub of economic and governmental operations for Norway. About 600,000 people call Oslo home, and make the most of the thriving industries of maritime related business such as shipping businesses, insurance and ship brokers as well as the international trade industry. Based on quality of life, Oslo was ranked number one against all large European cities, and was also ranked the fourth most expensive city in the world, tying with Melbourne, Australia. This global city is considered the fastest growing city in Europe, with an exponential population growth rate that is a result of immigration and their high birth rates.  


Types of internships

With their political, financial and natural independence, Norway continues to execute the Nordic economic model with great success and looks to recruit individuals who are well educated, posses exceptional skills and have thorough background knowledge in their field. Internships are the perfect precursor to pursuing a job in your field as it provides you with experience and development that would be hard to acquire otherwise.




The booming natural resources in Norway make way for very successful energy, oil and gas industries. As the largest producer of oil outside of the Middle East, Norway is always on the look out for those with engineering and science backgrounds to help develop technologies and processes to utilize their natural resources to their maximum abilities. Petroleum Geo-Services offers internships for those looking to expand their skills in geoscience, data processing and engineering. Internships at PGS can occur during summer, such as an internship that lasts from June to August and takes place at the Imaging Center in Oslo, or can be for a longer duration of 6-12 months for students who are working on their Master’s degree or  simply looking to gain work experience. Another company to keep an eye out for if you are interested in this industry is Statoil, which is a global company, based in Stavanger, Norway. Their highest activity locations are in Norway, in both onshore facilities where crude oil reception, gas treatment and methanol production occur while also having several licensed offshore operations. Statoil’s summer internships are located throughout Norway and are constantly updated on the website as they search for future team members. 




Being an Au Pair is a popular internship position in Norway, and listings can be found through InterExchange, Inc. and Au Pair Box. For people looking to enhance their skills in childcare and international community interactions, being an au pair is a wonderful opportunity to explore the Norwegian culture and learning how to care for others, especially with alternative cultural standards than the ones you might be used to. 

The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) is a great resource for American citizens, as a non-profit organization ASF aims to foster understanding between the US and Scandinavia through an assortment of fellowships, grants, internships and trainee sponsorship programs. In particular, the ASF Traineeship program is similar to an internship in that you are placed for 2-3 moths in your specialized field such as engineering, business, chemistry and computer science. The ASF is a very supportive organization when it comes to helping participants get settled with housing and work permits. If you are still on the lookout for engineering and science related opportunities, IAESTE UK may have some openings that suit your interests. Another supportive organization is AIESEC, which is a network run by global youth that aims to facilitate international leadership experiences. If you are more of a people person, or prefer to get your hand dirty, the Atlantis Youth Exchange has some great opportunities to explore farming and tourist industry related positions. 


Living in Norway

Establishing your life abroad is just as important as securing your desired internship. Housing in Norway can be found through student housing, shared flats (apartments), studio flats or living with a host family. It is recommended not to try and secure housing prior to arriving in Norway because there are several housing scams floating around the internet that require deposits ahead of time, and once you are locked into a contract, even if the space is not what you initially expected, your money will already be gone and you will have to fulfil the contract you already agreed to. Many of the organizations that you might choose to register and work with to find an internship or work trainee program will help you find accommodations or the host company may provide housing as a means of compensation. The currency in Norway is the Norwegian Krone, and general expenses are on average more expensive. Public transportation has several options including trains, buses, taxis and even walking is a common way of getting around when in the city.




When it comes to entertainment in Norway, there is no shortage of outdoor adventures to be had throughout the extravagant mountains and rivers just a few hours out of Oslo. One of the best qualities about Norway is that no matter what season you visit during, you will find activities to do from skiing to outdoor exploring the fjords!


Legal Documentation

Even though Norway is not a member of the EU, those with EU passports are not required to present a visa to participate in an internship in Norway, nor are they required to have work permits. If you come from a country outside of the EU, it is best to contact the Norwegian embassy in your origin country for specific requirements with regards to legal documentation. The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) - Work and Residence can help you determine what your country specific requirements for a work permit in Norway would be.



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