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Language Study in Portugal

Language Study in Portugal

In today’s competitive work environment, knowing two or more languages is crucial to professional success. Consider learning Portuguese in Portugal as you expand your horizons. Portuguese is a valuable language to know for the countries and people that speak it worldwide, especially in countries with growing and stable economies. This is a fun and interesting language to learn and relatively easy compared with many others. Do a language study in Portugal and enjoy your time eating your way through delicious meals, exploring fascinating cultural and heritage sites, and learning a useful language. 


Portugal at a Glance

Domestic Population: 10.8 Million People

Capital City: Lisbon

Language: Portuguese

Currency: Euro

Trivia: Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and the home of the world famous Port wine.





Study abroad programs run throughout the academic year. Enroll in summer courses for an intensive language experience that will definitely boost your language abilities rapidly. You could even consider extending your program into the fall if you feel like a taste of Portugal is not enough. 

Students can also study abroad during the fall or spring semesters. This opportunity would allow you to really experience life in Portugal while acquiring a solid grounding in the language. You would also have more of an opportunity to experience the diversity of seasons, festivals, and celebrations throughout the year. 


Programs and Popular Cities

Lisbon and Porto, the two largest cities in Portugal, are both premier cities for university level study of Portuguese. Other programs also include courses in the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal which would combine language study with spectacularly beautiful island surroundings. Faro is popular study abroad destination as well and another fantastic opportunity to explore breathtaking beaches and a rich culture alongside learning Portuguese.

There are a variety of programs to suit all interests, time frames, and travel mentalities. Summer programs often include weekend excursions to various regions of Portugal to allow you to practice your language progress in a real world setting.

Semester programs provide opportunities to take other classes that count for academic credit at local universities. You would have the chance to study alongside local students and even the opportunity to take some courses in Portuguese, depending on your language skills. 

Another option for those with flexible schedules, such as gap year travelers, is to enroll in courses for as short a time as one week starting at any point throughout the year. These programs are cost effective and tailored to your time frame. 

All programs include cultural activities and adventures in the host city. There are also courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Take your time and explore while you find the program that best suits your language and travel goals.





Short program costs start from $360 per week. Summer programs run for around $3,000 for one month, with the possibility for extensions. Other programs that include more amenities and travel opportunities run for around $6,000. Semester programs start at $12,500 and can increase to $16,900. Shop around and also look for the possibility of scholarships, especially if you are in need or have a high GPA.




Housing Options

There is a variety of housing options available and are either included in the cost of the program or as an extra. One of the best ways of improving your language abilities is to stay in a homestay with a local family. You will have home cooked meals and interact with locals to see the daily life of Portuguese people.

Otherwise, apartments are often available or there is the possibility of staying in a dorm with fellow participants of the program or locals.  


Wrap Up

With all that there is to see, do, and eat in Portugal, take this opportunity to hone your language skills and live in a vibrant country. There are many different cities to choose from as you explore local universities, make new friends, and build a lifetime of memories. Go on a language study in Portugal and boost your employability with a diverse and flexible language. 

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