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Internships in Orange County, California

Internships in Orange County, California

Located within the Greater Los Angeles Area, Orange County is one of the wealthiest jurisdictions in America, owing to its proximity to California's entertainment and oil industry, its enviable weather, and favorable laws that attract households of prosperous means.

With over three million people within its borders, this territory has more citizens than almost half the states in the Union, despite only covering 948 square miles in Southern California. Taken together with its world famous surfing beaches in places like Huntington Beach, Orange County is certainly an intriguing spot for interns to live and seek career opportunities in Southern California.  


What’s Orange County like?

Orange County is a wonderful place for those chasing the California Dream, as palm trees, beaches featuring waves that attract scores of avid surfers, and uber-stylish restaurants are all part of the allure of this corner of SoCal.

This lifestyle doesn't come cheap though, as rents for 520 square foot studios start at $1,300 a month at the low end. When you can hike in the Santa Ana Mountains in the morning, surf in the afternoon, and eat fish tacos as the sun goes down though, the sacrifices needed to live here are worth it for many people.

Like much of Southern California, Orange County enjoys the benefits of being located within a Mediterranean climatic zone, where next to no rain falls throughout the dry heat of its enviable summers. While most of the year's rain falls in the winter months, the majority of the days are clear and pleasantly warm, with an average daytime high in the low 70's.

The attractiveness of living in Orange County isn't limited to citizens seeking a lavish lifestyle, as a large number of national and internationally significant corporations have their headquarters or regional offices within the bounds of this jurisdiction in SoCal.

These Fortune 500 and 1000 companies are highly diversified, as they include high tech, finance, and life sciences companies, making this part of the United States fertile fishing grounds for graduates and students seeking out an internship


What kinds of internships are available in Orange County?

While there are many opportunities to secure an internship in industries from entertainment to insurance, Orange County may be an expensive place to live while looking for a position, but it is a well-stocked pond for those willing to play the game.

First American Corporation has a well-established internship program, taking on students and recent graduates into departments ranging from legal to social media. Broadcom continually looks to take on software engineers, and video game creator Blizzard Entertainment also looks for interns with these skills, as well as skilled animators, artists, and game designers.

This is just a short list, as this corner of the country is bursting with corporate HQs and startups looking for ambitious go-getters.


How to find internships in Orange County

While it may appear that there are many suitors in the streets of Orange County, the pressures of global competition in the 21st century economy means that are no easy interviews anymore, so approach each one with the attention that they deserve.

If you want to help a company like First American revamp its social media efforts, you'll have to sharpen up the way you use your accounts, as how you relate to your friends and your current followers will play a role in whether you'll get hired into that role.

If getting on with Blizzard is an ambition of yours, you'll want to build a portfolio of your body of work, be it works of art for those looking to get into animation, or an example of a basic game program if you are seeking a programming or game design position.

By following the tips outlined here, you'll boost your chances over those that spend a bit too much time catching waves at the beach!



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11 May 2021
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