Internships in Miami

Internships in Miami

Situated in southeast Florida, Miami is the largest city of Miami metropolitan area. Miami has a population of little less than half a million inhabitants and it is considered to be the financial and cultural center of the area. With its superb beaches and vibrant cultural life, Miami is a popular destination during holiday breaks which make the city a great and lively spot for various internship opportunities.


What it’s like in Miami




Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Everglade wetlands on the other, Miami is a water-lovers paradise.  It’s also characteristic of silver skyscrapers reaching into the bright blue sky. The lifestyle in Miami is very diverse and it has lots to offer. Many large companies and banks are based in Downtown Miami whereas the Port of Miami is well-known as one of the best passenger cruise ports in the world. It is also a very popular location for film and television production. Therefore, there are lots of opportunities for job seekers in various fields of interest - whether it is economy and social sector or tourism and culture.

Overall weather conditions in Miami are considered to be warm and temperate. You get lots of sun with temperatures averaging around 60 F in wintertime and reaching its peak of heat at over 80 F during summers. Such a mild climate makes it a great place for various outdoor activities, especially at the beaches in Miami, which are open to the public all year round.

In 2008, Miami was ranked as the cleanest city in whole United States, outrunning other major metropolitan areas, such as Jacksonville and Seattle. It is also a very multicultural city with a large Latin American community (in fact, Miami is the place with the most Latin Americans living outside of Latin America). Therefore Spanish is a widely spoken language there, along with so-called “Spanglish” which is a mix of the both of the most widely spoken languages in the city - Spanish and English.


Internships in Miami




With lots of higher-education establishments to choose from (mostly private ones), Miami is a great place for obtaining education in various fields. For instance, Florida International University, which is the second largest university in Florida, offers degree programs in the fields of architecture, business, medicine and other valuable fields. 

Miami International University of Art and Design provides education to people who are more interested in visual arts. With an extensive media market, Miami is a superb place for people who wish to make their way into communications.

The employment rates in Miami area are now getting much stronger after the devastating decrease of 2010. More and more jobs are now offered by employers including various internships. These opportunities can be found via search engines and career centers at the various local educational institutions. 

Career Services are offered by Miami University to its students to help them find the best internship offers on their Miami CAREERlink. Similar offices have also been established in other universities and colleges in Miami making it easier for their students to find internships that suit them the best.

For those who are not students at Miami-based institutions, check with your school as it might have access to internships in Miami, or companies that have sattelite offices in the city.




In conclusion

With numerous media, leisure and tourism opportunities, Miami is a great place for internships for students who endeavor to make their way into these industries. However, there are plenty of offers for job seekers in other disciplines as well and Miami is a place worth considering, especially for those who want to spend some time in a city where beach life and sunshine never end.


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Bharat on Friday, 17 October 2014 15:22

Hi, can you please get in touch for internship/job opportunities like how to go about it and what are the requirements. My email

Hi, can you please get in touch for internship/job opportunities like how to go about it and what are the requirements. My email
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