Internships in Los Angeles

Internships in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is fondly called the “City of Angels”. Loosely translated it means “The Angels.”

The city is home to a diverse range of ethnicities and boasts a GDP rate bested only by Greater Tokyo and New York. The Californian city has a population of 3.7 million, according to a 2012 United States Population report; making it the most populated city in California and the second most populated city in the United States behind New York City.

This city thrives on industries ranging from international trade, fashion, entertainment, science, technology, sports, and medicine, to name a few. The city is most popular for its association with Hollywood, which affords L.A. the status of being the movie producing capital of the United States.


What Is Los Angeles like?



L.A. is a global city where cultures and businesses from the entire world thrive. It is a sunny city which receives only around 30-35 days of precipitation throughout the year. The city has a large population of 18-24 year olds, making it a young, vibrant city.

The city’s crime rate has decreased significantly from the mid 90s and continues to remain low. Unfortunately, public transportation does not save a lot of time when commuting in Los Angeles, and the city is plagued by congested roadways. That said, the travel time to work is lower than most other major cities in the United States. The city has an extensive public transport system ranging from buses, trains and subways.

It is a city with a gorgeous coastline, wonderful weather and creative people. It is where many Hollywood hopefuls go to make their mark among the famous people of the world.


What Kind of Internships are available in L.A.?




Los Angeles has several renowned institutions that cover everything from professional to cultural fields. It has exceptional economic engines that are growth drivers across the world. The city is Home the world leader in video games, Television productions and recorded music; Hollywood. It boasts of some of the most creative people in the world, a recent statistic in the United States has shown that one in every 4 people in Los Angeles works in the creative industry.

The city has several public and private universities, many of which are consistently rated the top in the United States and the world at large for academics. The USA’s top public school, the University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA), and one of the top private schools, the University of Southern California (USC), are both located in the city. California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), BIOLA, Occidental, and Loyola Marymount are also located in and around the city, among many others. This allows for several different kinds of internship opportunities, which can be found in almost any industry, the most common of which is related to media, including television, fashion, events, advertising and arts, and International Trade.


How to find internships in Los Angeles




All universities in L.A. have internship programs designed to help students find enriching work in the industry of their choice. Most big names in the creative industry, such as Disney, Warner Bros, and Google offer student programs that help aspiring participants to get into internship programs with their companies. Los Angeles is also home to a large financial and tech hub, meaning that a great many other organizations and companies offer summer and winter internships to help students find their way into the workforce.

If you are not a student in an L.A. university, online search engines such as intern match, and are good options to start your search.


In Conclusion

The city of Angels is a great place to jump-start your career. The diversity of people, cultures and industries will allow you to explore opportunities in all kinds of professional fields. The beautiful weather, vibrant city life and bustling streets will keep you on your toes. The city is place where you can find something for every walk of life and personal interest. Internships and opportunities are aplenty, but it’s up to you to go out there and find the one best suited for you!



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