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Internships in Jacksonville, Florida

Internships in Jacksonville, Florida

With the largest urban core in Florida with over 800,000 in the city proper, Jacksonville is the biggest city in the northeastern part of the state. Home to a pair of major naval bases, this part of the Sunshine State has a decidedly different feel than most other major centers here.

While this might be a bit of a letdown for those that like the buzz of a place like Miami, those looking for a stable and low-key community while retaining the core benefits of living in Florida (excellent beaches, warmer weather than 95+% of the country) will find this place very agreeable to them.


What’s Jacksonville like?


Jacksonville, much like the rest of Florida, is situated on a flat coastal plain consisting primarily of sand and clay.  This makes the topography of the city of Jacksonville accessible to cyclists of all fitness levels, allowing those wishing to avoid car ownership the option of biking to and from work.

Those looking to take mass transit will want to live close to the downtown core, as the city has a tiny monorail system known as the Jacksonville Skyway. Eight stops span the central parts of Jacksonville on both sides of the river, with terminus stations at the FCCJ (Florida Community College at Jacksonville) on the north side, and Kings Avenue on the south side.

Outside of this, you'll be relying on the bus, which offers 56 routes that cover most of the city relatively well, though farther flung routes operate with less frequency than those closer to the center.

Those seeking to flee winter will mostly succeed by locating to Jacksonville, as January's average highs usually register in the mid-60's. Several nights per year will see overnight lows around freezing though, so don't leave your hoodie at home.

Summer is another matter entirely, as sticky heat is in full effect at this time, with relative humidity levels peaking at 80% in August and September. The region is also overdue for a direct hit by a hurricane as well, so keep an eye on the weather from June through November. Develop and go over an evacuation plan so that in the eventuality of a storm approaching the coast, you'll know what to do.

As mentioned earlier, Jacksonville is home to two major naval bases, which were placed here due to the city being located on the deepest port in the South. This has also resulted in the second largest commercial port on the Eastern Seaboard being established here, presenting opportunities for those looking for internships in supply chain management and in an industrial setting.


What kinds of internships are available in Jacksonville?


Since Indianapolis is a major Navy town, those looking for a chance to work with this branch of the American military will have a variety of opportunities to seize here, as they employ students and grads from virtually any degree area.

Those in arts, science, engineering, IT and other areas will be slotted into a variety of departments where their skills can be used and developed, making this employer an option that shouldn't be overlooked.

Another local corporation that hires interns locally is CSX Corporation, which manages freight rail transport through 20 US states and 2 Canadian provinces. Positions range from supply chain management, engineering and safety to the general business operation processes that business and management grads usually fill (finance, accounting, etc).  


How to find internships in Jacksonville


The Navy looks for the best of the best, so apply a great deal of rigor to your application when you are preparing it.  When you progress to the interview process, demonstrate how you could improve processes in your area of expertise in a new and innovative way, and you will have a much better chance of being selected.

As for CSX Corporation, interns typically shadow existing employees in their area of study, so by exhibiting exemplary communication skills and a willingness to work as a team member, you will give yourself the best chance of getting hired, as showing that you are the best fit is often more important than overall academic chops, as the real world skills of entry level employees are closer together than most people think.  



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