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Internships in Indianapolis

Internships in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, which is the capital of the American state of Indiana, is home to 1.8 million people in its metropolitan area, and is home to an internationally famous auto race.  Located in the Midwest, this city is a laid back place that offers a more relaxed way of life than larger and more fast-paced cities in the USA.

Forbes has ranked its downtown as having one of the more enjoyable cores in the country, with plenty of dining, drinking and entertainment options available for those living near the center. Indianapolis has a more diverse economy that it has had in its Rust Belt past, making this place a great choice for those looking to start their career in a place with a cost of living that is far lower than the rest of the nation.  


What’s Indianapolis like?


Indianapolis is situated in a part of the country that consists of mixed prairie and deciduous (leafy trees) forests, making it ideal for those that use bicycles to get around, as the region's topography is flat to gently rolling.

The lack of geologic obstacles to growth in the region have also led to sprawling suburban growth though, so be sure to choose your neighborhood carefully to avoid a long ride spent avoiding inconsiderable motorists.

If you are relying on mass transit, you'll be limited to taking the bus, though discussions are being had in the present to consider implementing Bus Rapid Transit, Light Rail and streetcar routes, but these options won't be available in the foreseeable future.

Indianapolis has a temperate climate that is heavily influenced by humid tropical air-masses in summer, and arctic blasts from Canada in the winter. While this makes for some uncomfortable days in the peak of both seasons, this region also has extended spring and fall seasons that are very pleasant, making Indianapolis a great place to be overall if you can tolerate the extremes at both ends of the climatic calendar.

While it doesn't dominate the local economy like it used to, manufacturing still has a respectable presence in the Indianapolis area, with companies like Texas Instruments and Caterpillar having facilities in the area.

Pharmaceutical companies also can be found in abundance here, led by hometown company Eli Lilly, and this city is also a logistics hub, as FedEx has a major facility here, along with Amazon. 


What kinds of internships are available in Indianapolis?


Eli Lilly is a major provider of internships in the Indianapolis area, offering placements for students and recent graduates with backgrounds in engineering, biology, chemistry, and business services (marketing, sales, HR, etc).

Those looking to launch their career in supply chain management will want to pursue an opportunity at the massive Amazon fulfillment center that exists here, as no company is at the forefront of moving product in the 21st century quite like Jeff Bezo's baby.


How to find internships in Indianapolis


Eli Lilly slots their interns straight into projects that are vital to their business success. As such, it is important to sharpen your problem solving skills before stepping into the recruitment process with this company. 

Their head hunters also attend meetings of a variety of professional organizations (e.g. American Society of Health System Pharmacists, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, etc) across the nation, so by shelling out the cash to join a professional organization in your degree area, you can gain a valuable credibility indicator, as well as an opportunity to network with execs from companies like Eli Lilly.

Amazon is heavily focused on results, so be ready to demonstrate in an interview that you can deliver them. Being such a big corporation, be sure to work on your selling skills when crafting your application.

Those on the inside look for those that can promote themselves in a compelling way, so by spending some time boosting the attractive aspects of your background, you'll stand a better chance of getting hired than if you were just submit your standard resume/cover letter combo.  

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