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Internships in Columbus, Ohio

Internships in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus serves as the capital of Ohio, which is fitting given its central location in this Midwestern state. It ranks third in population in the state, with Cleveland and Cincinnati possessing larger populations within its metro area. This gives Columbus a breezy feel to it, making it a good choice for those looking for an urban environment that is less rushed than its bigger cousins. Given its well-balanced economy led by insurance, education, and research, this city is a great place for potential interns to hunt for a position.


What’s Columbus like?


Situated well inland from oceans and the nearby Great Lakes, Columbus has a climate that swings between hot, muggy summers and cold, dry winters. The latter season is mercifully short, with only three months with an average high below 40, and given its position away from Nor'easter storm tracks and the Lake Effect snow machine, it makes the summer season much more bearable. Spring is the most pleasant season, with the lowest humidity values of the year and daily temps in the 60's and 70's. 

Columbus is mostly flat in its topography, thanks to having its land scoured by the massive glaciers that covered the region in the last Ice Age. This makes its metropolitan area perfect for those looking to commute or otherwise get around by bike. Don't have your own? Columbus has a well-used bike share program that affords you the health and financial benefits of using a bike without shouldering the burden of owning one. 

Making use of the bike share system is highly advisable when possible, as Columbus has the distinction of being the largest city in America without a rail network of any kind in its mass transit system. The Central Ohio Transit Authority runs a bus system that operates 67 routes that transports commuters from downtown to the suburbs such as Gahanna, Grandview Heights, Grove City that sit on the fringe of Metro Columbus.

With a bit of planning though, you'll be able to get around relatively easily, making it possible to enjoy all the attractions and activities that Columbus has to offer. This city is home to Ohio State University, which is home to one of the most highly touted college sports programs in the nation. Football and basketball are huge here, providing a great deal of entertainment to those that consider themselves sports enthusiasts.

For those that prefer more cultural pursuits, performing arts venues like the Southern and Ohio Theaters will quickly become well-visited venues, as not only do they play host to shows that have run on Broadway and regionally popular productions, but they are also nationally recognized historical landmarks that make them attractions in and of themselves.


What kinds of internships are available in Columbus?


One of the most prominent economic sectors in Columbus is the insurance industry, with Nationwide Mutual Insurance being the biggest kid on the block. A wide slate of career paths are offered here, from actuarial positions, to more general roles such as information technology, marketing and sales.

Those that have or are pursuing a degree in engineering will find American Electric Power to be a better fit, as this major Midwestern utility actively recruits them (electrical and mechanical engineers particularly). AEP also seeks those with a background in accounting, business or programming, opening up additional possibilities for those with other academic backgrounds.


How to find internships in Columbus


If you are looking for an internship, Nationwide looks for interns that are self-starters, that can network prolifically, and can use their experience and perspective to lead the company to success in the 21st century. Coming across as a passionate and enthusiastic prospect that is filled with ideas on how to transform processes to jive with the realities of the present day will improve your chances of getting on with the company, as will having a history of community service, which they also engage in on a regular basis.


American Electric Power trusts their interns to take a leading role in projects that are in progress. As such, be sure to study the work flow and processes that are common in the electrical utilities industry, and you will have a better shot at nailing down a spot with this corporati

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