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Internships in Charlotte, North Carolina

Internships in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is a major city in the Southeastern United States, as it is the largest urban area in North Carolina and the second largest in the region (only Jacksonville is bigger).

Home to some of the biggest banks in the country, a thriving energy sector, and sitting within a two hour drive of the Blue Ridge Mountains, there are many pluses for interns thinking about making a move to one of the fastest growing centers in the USA.


What’s Charlotte like?


Sitting in the Piedmont geographic area that lies between the Atlantic Coastal Plain and the peaks of the Appalachians, the topography of the Charlotte area consists of gently rolling terrain that is studded with many scenic rivers and lakes. 

As alluded to in the introduction, it is positioned within easy reach of the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains, making this city highly attractive to lovers of outdoor sports like camping, hiking and skiing.

While skiing is possible in the Appalachians during the winter months, the weather in Charlotte is significantly milder during this time. The lowest average daily high occurs in January, with temperatures hovering around 50 degrees on most days, with occasional forays into the 60's.

This gentle air allows a wide swath of flowering trees and shrubs to thrive here, making spring the best time of year to be in Charlotte with temperatures in the 70's as early as March.

Summer is easily the most laborious time of year, as temperature soar into the 90's, with the humidity making it feel well above 100 on many days (remember to rent a place with an A/C unit!).

Charlotte's big city feel these days is furthered by its modern mass transit system, which makes use of light rail, a trolley line, and a bus system that include express shuttles to move the region's residents around this vibrant city in an efficient manner. With multiple TOD developments fueling real estate spending, and a desire to improve the walkability of Charlotte, the transit infrastructure is slated to continue improving as time goes on.

Doing so will make it easier to enjoy Charlotte's attractions, which will appeal to or awaken the young heart that lies within you. The US National Whitewater Center lies a short distance from the core on the banks of the Catawba, which offers you the opportunity to sample the wild rides that rivers dole out in this part of the world.

If you can't work up the nerve to take on the foaming rapids here, there are mountain bike trails, rock climbing walls and rope courses that will help you get your adrenaline fix while staying within your comfort zone.

Sitting in the heart of the American South, you will also have the opportunity to sample the regional cuisine that many rave about after coming back from trips here. From BBQ to fried chicken, collard greens to mac and cheese (we recommend Nana's Soul Food Kitchen), this food may be doing your heart any favors, but your tastebuds and gut will thank you!


What kinds of internships are available in Charlotte?


Finance internships are widely available here, as many major banks have operations here. Bank of America has their corporate HQ here, and Wells Fargo recently located their East Coast operations here after merging with Wachovia several years ago. In addition to I-banking, they also seek out IT students/grads, so check them out if you are in computer science.

Those looking for a unique opportunity may want to seek an internship with NASCAR, which runs its nationwide stock car racing league from Charlotte. While those in sports management may be drawn towards this by nature, they also hire interns in marketing, legal, finance, and in digital media, so don't be dissuaded from applying if your degree isn't sports-focused.  


How to find internships in Charlotte


The financial sector is a highly competitive industry, with heavy workloads commonplace for those looking to make an impression on managers at corporations like Bank of America. Demonstrating a track record of not only a strong work ethic, but superior organizational skills will aid your bid to get into this high strung but highly rewarding business.

Those wanting to break into NASCAR will need to demonstrate an aptitude for the most valuable skill one can have in pro sports – sales ability. The main profit center in NASCAR relates to how many butts they can get in the stands, or buying apparel in stores, so those that are able to make a compelling pitch to on how they can attract new fans or retain current ones will be favored over those that are content to rely on cliches to fake their way through the interview.

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