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Internships in Buffalo, New York

Internships in Buffalo, New York

Ranking as the second largest city in New York State outside of NYC, the city of Buffalo is home to 1.1 million friendly folk that have helped this place earn its nickname, The City of Good Neighbors, over the years. 

Home to a wide variety of amazing art deco structures, as well as ones from many other classic building styles, and located in close proximity to Niagara Falls and a vibrant wine region, life upstate is much better than one might perceive, considering the unfair comparison to its massive downstate cousin. 

Experiencing an upswing after a few decades of decline after the deindustrialization of the region, Buffalo is turning out to be an outstanding place for a recent graduate to seek an internship to get their career off to a rousing start.   


What’s Buffalo like?




Buffalo is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Erie, which has its advantages and drawbacks.  Being on one of the shallowest of the Great Lakes means that the water gets very warm in the peak of summer, making it a great place to go swimming on the hot sultry days for which the interior of Eastern North America is famous. It also is one of few major cities in the East that has a sunset shore, making those weekend days outside here all the more special. 

On the other hand, the heat sink that is Lake Erie becomes a giant snow machine come late fall, as icy westerly and northerly winds can create intense bands of heavy snow that can last for hours or even days, dumping many feet of snow on the city at once. 

As a result, you may want to consider living in an apartment complex or in a living arrangement where the landlord or property maintenance takes care of snow removal, as this can become an onerous task as the winter season progresses.

Being a former economic powerhouse, Buffalo had attracted immigrants from a wide variety of backgrounds over prior generations to work in its industrial era factories. This has contributed to a rich culinary pedigree in town, birthing a number of famous dishes that have their origins here. 

The one of which most people are aware is the mighty Buffalo wing, brought into existence by the Anchor Bar, giving bars and lounges around the world one of its staple appetizers.  Other foods unique to Buffalo that you should try also include the beef on weck sandwich, haddock fish fries, and Sahlen's charcoal-broiled hot dogs. 

They may not be the healthiest meals you'll ever eat, but they'll comfort the soul after a long day interning at a local Buffalo business.

As for companies that you could potentially join in the Buffalo area, those that aren't affiliated with the NY state government are involved either in the life sciences or in banking. The University of Buffalo and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute are intimately involved in decoding the human genome, all in the hopes of curing cancer and other disorders, making it a good choice for students interested in pursuing research opportunities in that field.

While no major American banks are headquartered in Buffalo, it is a center for a couple of significant regional institutions. M&T Bank, which has profited every quarter since the 1970's, is a solid choice for business students look to intern at a solidly managed firm, while First Niagara moved into the Buffalo area in the 1970's after being founded in nearby Lockport in the 19th century.  

Having recently bought the naming rights for the arena in which the Buffalo Sabres hockey team plays, it is also a well-capitalized organization that actively looks to take on interns from business schools that are keen to learn all about banking.


What kinds of internships are available in Buffalo?




The Roswell Park Cancer Institute offers internships in its cancer science program, giving students looking to make a difference in the fight against one of humanity's biggest health scourges the opportunity they are looking for to get a foothold in this field. The U of Buffalo offers placements for those studying in the fields of the biomedical sciences and biotech the chance to learn the ins and outs of their future professions, setting them up for greatness in the years ahead.

For those looking to get into finance, internships at First Niagara and M&T will help you learn the basics of the personal/retail banking industry. This will help you guide customers and small business owners to the banking solutions that will make the biggest possible difference in their lives, and set you up for success as you move up the rungs of the industry in future years.


How to find internships in Buffalo




To get on successfully with the biotech research outfits at either the University of Buffalo or with the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, try to demonstrate some vision with respect to the research that they conduct.  

The University of Buffalo have been doing some groundbreaking work with respect to decoding the human genome and Roswell aims to further reduce and eliminate the threat that cancer poses to society at large.  

By communicating your thoughts in your cover letter or in the interview that you land about how you would approach the work that they currently do, you will dramatically improve your chances of getting the open position for which you are applying.

Those looking to get into the banking sector should have a firm grasp on the general language of the industry, the latest news, and so forth.  If you walk into an interview without a firm grasp on the concept of amortization periods, investment vehicles such as 401(k)'s and other common banking topics, your chances of getting a position with any bank will be low. Study hard and you will give yourself a better chance at a positive result!



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