Internships in Atlanta, Georgia

Internships in Atlanta, Georgia

Located in the southeastern United States, it has been said that all roads lead to Atlanta, Georgia. Known for being a national center for cable television stations, international commerce, and historically as a location that was essential to the civil rights movement, Atlanta has grown in recent decades into one of the nation’s most prosperous and diverse cities. 

Whether your interest in Atlanta has to do with sightseeing, eating, or historical monuments, like the Stone Mountain National Monument, CNN Center, the Georgia Capital Building, The Coca-Cola Museum, Underground Atlanta, and the Georgia National Aquarium, or just to grab a chili dog at the nation’s largest drive-thru, The Varsity, you will find a complex city with so much to offer. 


What’s Atlanta like?




Nestled right on the fall-line bridging the piedmont's foothills of lower Appalachia with the hot and humid coastal plain stretching out across the state toward Savannah, Atlanta is neither too hot, nor too cold.  It only has about 40 freezing days each year with moderate Springs and Falls and a warm summer.  Typical southern humidity is moderated due to Atlanta’s elevation and position. 

In keeping with Atlanta’s nickname as Capital of the New South, it is a progressive city with lots of diversity. Atlanta is also a major transportation hub, so international and domestic flights are easy to arrange. The city is also famous, much like Los Angeles, for its horrible traffic, so be prepared to spend quite a bit of time behind the wheel. 


Internships in Atlanta




Atlanta is home to several important universities such as Clark Atlanta and Morehouse University, which are nationally recognized historically African-American colleges. Additionally, there is Georgia Tech, which is one of the country’s most prestigious colleges of engineering. Additionally, there are several junior colleges and smaller institutions of higher learning. There are a great many options for those who wish to make Atlanta their home while completing their studies. 

Due to great number of national and international corporations that have chosen to open branches in Atlanta, as well as a wealth of foreign embassies located in the city, there are many opportunities for internships and other entry-level apprenticeship programs available to enterprising graduates. 

A great source for finding internships is the local university campus job placement offices. If you are enrolled in a Georgia college, usually the University System of Georgia colleges will maintain a database of internship possibilities, which the college job placement office can help you to acquaint yourself with. 

For those who do not attend local universities or are unable to find a good match through their school’s programs, InternMatch is a great portal for finding Georgia-based internships, particularly in Atlanta. Additionally, be sure to to check with the Georgia Department of Labor. The Georgia Department of Labor has many resources on their website that can help you to find employment or internships with major and local corporations and businesses.

In general, internships, whether paid or unpaid can be a great way to get some experience in the field that you are desire to go into while making the connections that will eventually get you the job that you want. Even if your internship is unpaid, making the connections and gaining the necessary experience for a future full-time position is invaluable. Statistics say that around 40% of corporate interns are hired by the company where they serve their internship.  


In Conclusion




Atlanta is a great place to study, intern, work, and live. With mild winter and summer temperatures, lots of history, and great food, not to mention wonderful academic programs and opportunities for a vibrant social life, it’s a great city for both domestic and international students alike. So, good luck and happy searching, Atlanta is a great place to live!


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Bharat on Friday, 17 October 2014 15:22

Hi, can you please get in touch for internship/job opportunities like how to go about it and what are the requirements. My email

Hi, can you please get in touch for internship/job opportunities like how to go about it and what are the requirements. My email
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