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Intern Abroad in Ireland

Intern Abroad in Ireland

Ireland is one of the most photogenic places on Earth. It is dramatic, windswept, and rugged, the perfect getaway for those who enjoy an intertwining of nature and culture. Rooted in Gaelic past, Ireland can even be seen as the birthplace of Halloween since the Gaelic Festival of Samhain is considered the precursor to our present day holiday. Intern abroad in the Emerald Isle and take the time to explore a future career. This opportunity to work in an international environment might even open the door to further permanent employment in Ireland or elsewhere in Europe. Earn academic credits and spend an unforgettable summer, semester, or year starting your professional career. 


Ireland at a Glance

Domestic Population: 4.8 Million People

Capital City: Dublin

Language: English and Irish

Currency: Euro

Trivia: As of 2014, Ireland has won the Eurovision Song Contest an impressive 7 times, more than any other country.





Many intern abroad programs work with the academic calendar, so internships typically take place during summers. There are a variety of program lengths that range from one to three months. These are flexible and some even allow you to extend on a month-by-month basis. Post-graduate or graduate programs usually run for a minimum of 12 months and can reach up to 18 months.  

If you are not interested in doing an internship with a program, consider reaching out to companies or checking job listings to see if there are longer-term opportunities. 


Programs and Popular Cities 

There are a wide variety of cities, programs, and professions to choose from. The most popular cities for internships include Dublin, Galway, and Cork. Each of these is dynamic, culturally fascinating, and full of diversity. There are festivals to be enjoyed and arts events to visit. Cork was even once named the European Capital of Culture in 2005.

The number of industries available is sure to appeal to everyone, no matter your career aspirations. Placements include finance, communications, advertising, culinary arts, hospitality managements, journalism, IT positions, veterinary sciences, and performing arts, among many, many other options. Some programs even include part-time courses at local universities so that interns have the possibility to earn credit while gaining real world experience. These programs tend to run during Fall and Spring semesters.





Ireland has fairly mild temperatures throughout the year and does not usually experience temperature extremes. The local weather can be unpredictable, so be sure to always carry a coat or something waterproof. The average is around 50°F, so be prepared for anything.   



There is a wide range of costs for programs depending on length of time, time of year, and what is included. Summer programs run from $2,700 to $7,000 and semester programs cost from $5,000 to $8,000.





The program and/or your employers will sponsor your visa. For shorter programs, you may only need a tourist visa, so ask during the application process. 


Wrap Up

Ireland has a lot to offer as an internship destination including both lifestyle freedom and professional opportunities. There are a lot of affordable intern abroad packages and programs that will include housing, excursions, and your internship placement. Boost your resume and make valuable networking connections as you embrace working life on the Emerald Isle. Take your choice of cities and professional career fields as you find a way to make the most of your university time or after graduating.

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