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Intern Abroad in Denmark

Intern Abroad in Denmark

Intern Abroad in Denmark and spend time building your career in a country that boasts 14 Nobel laureates. This country has a high standard of living and has been ranked as having some of the happiest people in the world. Take this opportunity to learn from some of the leading experts in a variety of fields and discover the passion that could fuel the rest of your life. This country combines metropolitan living with classic European charm.   


Denmark at a Glance

Domestic Population: 5.569 Million People

Capital City: Copenhagen

Language: Danish

Currency: Danish Krone

Trivia: The oldest state flag that is still used by an independent country is Dannebrog, the flag of Denmark which was adopted in 1219.




Internship programs in Denmark typically follow the school schedule. Universities will offer internship programs that combine study abroad with actual experience in companies, labs, or on the stage. Programs run during semesters or during school breaks like the summer.   


Programs and Popular Cities 

Organizations and universities that offer internship programs cover a wide range of subjects and professions. Denmark is especially known as a strong science hub, so if you are interested in boosting your experience and background in real world laboratory situations, then consider interning with a local university. You may even have the opportunity to work with research hospitals and leading scientists. 

Artistic endeavors include theater programs that train aspiring actors and actresses to stand out from the crowd while living in North Jutland, a beautiful region filled with groves, moors, and meadows. Law students and those studying and interested in pursuing a career in the justice system will be able to interact with prison inmates and even speak with social workers on the issues of human trafficking. Denmark is rife with possibility and opportunity, you need only apply! 

Copenhagen is typically the setting for most programs, although there are definitely opportunities to live and work in other cities and regions.




Denmark is located in Scandinavia, an area of Northern Europe that can have drastic changes in the amount of daylight received throughout the year. Summer months receive a great deal of daylight with the sun usually setting around 10PM. Winter months typically only receive seven hours of daylight total with the sun setting around 3:45PM. 

Weather is typically cool throughout the year, and even during summers, while winters are comparatively mild and usually hover around freezing. Make sure to bring warms clothes no matter when you arrive. 



Denmark is a European country that can be considered expensive. However, there are definitely a wide variety of techniques to cut costs. Internship programs usually provide housing so you should not need to worry about finding accommodations. If you plan on traveling, then consider using the extensive and secure network of campgrounds that are located throughout the country or hostels rather than hotels. 

If you are enrolled in an internship program during the fall or winter, you will benefit from off-season prices. Otherwise, it is always a good idea to buy food and cook for yourself. There is a 25% tax added to everything, so this is partially what drives prices up.




Short-term internships should either not need a visa or will be sponsored by your program, university, or organization. Long-term internships typically require interns to apply for a residence permit. Your organization will assist you with this process. 


Wrap Up

Take this opportunity to expand your life experiences in a country that is both rich in culture and an amazing destination to hone your knowledge. Stand out against the competition as you work with leading experts in fields as diverse as healthcare, the arts, and law. There are a wide variety of universities and organizations that work with you to ensure that you have the best possible experience while interning abroad in Denmark. Take some time off and experience all that this spectacular country has to offer, whether you live the bustle of the city life or head off into wilderness to view spectacular beaches, sand dunes, and cliffs.



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24 June 2021
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