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How to Teach and Travel the World


Traveling the world has gone from a pipe dream to a reality for so many. You don't, after all, have to save up beforehand and live off of money in your bank account when you go. With new tech and the power of the internet and our personal computers, you can work remotely and on the go. Globalization has also put more emphasis on citizens around the world learning the lingua franca, which at this point, and for the foreseeable future, is English, though China's increasing influence on global trade might change this down the line.

This urge to learn English means that you don't just have the opportunity to work remotely, you can work locally in foreign countries all around the world. All you need to do is simply follow this guide to take your teaching skills to the next level and to make the leap that will see you from home to a new destination:

Know Your Strengths

Teach what you know, because that is where you are going to succeed. Thankfully, those of us who are native English speakers or are naturally bilingual have an advantage when it comes to teaching overseas. Simply get your qualifications and use your natural strength to your advantage.

Test Your Teaching Skills

Before you get too set on teaching English abroad, test yourself. Teach online, and tutor people face to face to get a feel for teaching and how well you would fare. Having this experience will also make you more attractive to the programs who organize teaching positions overseas, so this could help you get a good position somewhere you really want to go.

Steps to Teach English Abroad

There are a few vital steps you will want to take before you finally make that leap:

1. Partner with the Right Companies

There are many organizations out there, but the experience you have will depend on the quality of the company itself. You want to partner with a great company when you teach abroad, one that cares about you and will give you good opportunities to teach and travel the world as you please. So, be selective with your choice, read reviews, and try to find the right fit for you.

2. Try to Learn the Local Language Before You Go

Though you are there to teach English, it will help a lot if you put time and effort into learning the local language before you go. This doesn't mean you need to be fluent, but knowing the basics can help you communicate, get around, and really settle into your new home.

3. Get a Sense of What Life Will Be Like

Read reviews, published blogs, and even books from others who have gone and taught abroad. This will certainly help you set realistic expectations and help you circumvent the most common challenges. 

Take the Leap

Finally, the only thing that is left is to take the leap and move! It will take time to settle in, but you can make the process easier by following these tips. Try to make friends, find your local haunts, and get to know the area like a local. The reason why teaching abroad is such an incredible experience is because it isn't a vacation, but a change to open your mind and learn things you never could at home.

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