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How to Find a High-Paying Job For Students Abroad


Getting the best summer jobs for college students abroad is possible with the right information and guidance. Sometimes allowance from mom and dad might not just be enough, and you need to make some extra cash to fund leisure activities, travel and foot some extra bills. If you have been contemplating the idea of working while studying, don't think it's weird, a lot of other international student take up employment during their studies. You can get this job during summer break or even as a normal after school past time.

growing teenager, parents are proud when their children try to create financial independence by such acts. For some students, how much they are paid does not matter, but for others, it is very important they find high paying summer jobs. So, here are some tips for you to find the best places for teenagers to work.

For you to find a seasonal job for college students that fits perfectly, you have to consider several factors such as the laws governing working. There are different regulations for different countries when it comes to jobs that students, teenagers or even international students can do, so its pertinent that you check for these peculiarities before applying for jobs. Any good job should also give the opportunity for future jobs and work experience and help the students' integration with the new culture and expanding your human network and associations.

Some factors to consider when looking for summer jobs abroad includes

  • Your reason for taking the job such as adventure, society development, raising funds or maybe just a way to add to your resume
  • Your budget for travelling
  • Your personal interest, passion, and skill
  • A perfectly healthy environment for self-development.

Although, you may already have an idea or something creative you want to do a part-time job, if you have not figured this out yet, here a few ideas for you to consider and to help you make the right choice.

Here is a List of the most popular Country to work in abroad

  1. Spain
  2. Italy
  3. United Arab Emirates
  4. Austria
  5. Sweden
  6. Australia
  7. Canada
  8. Netherlands
  9. Germany
  10. China

Here some summer jobs you can do abroad.

1. Teaching English

Especially if you are a native English speaker, one of the best summer jobs for college students you can get is to work as an English tutor because is English is quite a universal language and a unifying factor of communication both in business and politics, You can never run out of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) positions everywhere in the world. It is also a great opportunity for you to improve your academic writing skills and develop yourself as a student

However, if you are not familiar with the native language of the county, don't get discouraged. In fact, most schools prefer that the English tutor can't speak the local language, so the student has no choice but to invest themselves in English.

2. Work in Hospitality with Excellent TippingEnter heading here...

Depending on the culture governing tipping in that country or the organization you work at, you could earn a lot from working at hospitality. One of the best places for teenagers to could work at includes local bars, pubs, hotels, motels or even vineyard. These places have seasonal jobs for college students, and so the workers are always changing, so you always opportunity to meet new people.

If you work as a waiter or waitress in the US, you get paid a low hourly wage meanwhile an average waiting staff in Australia, gets paid US$15 (AU$20) per hour. The downside is that Australia does not particularly have a tipping culture, but in the United States, the usual practice is to be tipped 20% of the bill. So, in a country that pays well like Australia and has a good tipping culture like the United States, you could earn a lot more.

 3. Become an Au Pair

Most times, au pairs are females. These not mean that there is no male au pair, but most people request for females. they are one of the high paying summer jobs you can get depending on the location of the country. In European countries, you get paid a few hundred euros. In other you get to be paid more.

The job requires You to live with a family in a novel country. It is on the plus side if you can speak their language so you have their cultural experience from a local perspective and you get to influence the lives of the kids. get to experience the culture from a local point of view, and get to play a big role in kids' lives. In terms of living cost, boarding is free, so you don't have to worry about that. As an au pair, you get to enjoy some days off too.

4. Work at agricultural jobs

If you are an outdoor person, then an agricultural job is good for a summer job abroad. You get to live in the rural part of countries like Australia and work on the farm. You also get to be living on a farm with all the ranch animals, e.g., horses. Agricultural jobs require quite a lot of physical strength because it involves long hours of physical labour.

The upside to it is that you get to build a few muscles, and acquire a lot of skill like cattle rearing, animal care, operating a few heavy types of machinery, and maybe even fence building techniques. Such jobs are mostly available in Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

5. Become a Tour Guide

Now if you know the country well enough, with appropriate training, you could become a Tour Guide. Using a bicycle (which is cost effective and eco-friendly), you could show tourist around the country pointing out historical data and fascinating trivia about the country.

Becoming a tour guide may require a bit of training in the people skills and technical or indigenous knowledge, but it looks very good on your resume. Cities in Spain, Berlin, and Paris having a good amount of tourist site are great for such jobs even though it is quite a competition. One of the ways to stand out is to make your tours quite memorable but not dangerous that it gets the tourist desiring more. 

6. Get a Job on a summer cruise

If you love to see the world, traveling through it by sea, you could decide to get a job on a cruise ship. Instead of partying away your summer on a cruise you could decide to have a learning and fun experience simultaneously. It is one of the best places for teenagers to work and experience a luxurious trip.

7. Working Online

Although you may not necessarily have to travel do this, but if your aim is travel and explore and at the same time make some money, you can do decide work for an online platform for example as write. You could apply to a thesis writing service company and work as a freelancer. So, while you are not working, you can explore the country and enjoy the scenery.

Depending on how much you are paid, you can save some extra cash for the semester and use the rest to foot the bill for your leisure activities.

In the end, there are whole other opportunities to explore, and this is but a few to help you put your interest in perspective in getting the best summer jobs for college students. But it is very important that you get all the required documents in order because they are seasonal jobs for college students and once the time elapses the opportunity is gone. Make sure shelter or accommodation is well taken care of for summer jobs abroad. Also, you must get prepare your application letter beforehand and plan your finances well so you will not be stranded you can also target high paying summer jobs. With all these in place, you are good to go and Explore!

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