How to Earn College Credits in the Blink of an Eye

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It's a torrid world out there—a ubiquitous marathon where everyone is running towards excellence. Fast food, same-day delivery, instant cashbacks and now quick college credits, people are looking for ways to get it done ASAP.

We all know that college credits are cornerstone of education system, and to obtain them we need to wear our shoes off. In today's times, people are looking for ways to learn how to get college credits quickly. College credits are prerequisite to the degree of your choice and obtaining them isn't a biggie in regular school hours too.

But we are here to take the highway and by highway, so we are going to try and earn college credits fast. If you are wondering that why you should take all the trouble and learn how to get college credits quickly, we have our reasons to prove this point.

  • First of all, by obtaining your college credits quickly, you can make it out of college well in advance than the regular time span. Students can earn college credits with any of these methods and get their hands on degree of their choice in lesser time than the usual.
  • If you care to look for ways to get through college quickly because you are a working professional, college credits might be the quickest way out. Your busy schedule might not offer you the luxury of attending classes' day in and day out for the course of college.
  • Give you career a speedy head start by getting through college with a perfectly legit degree in lesser time than the usual. When your resume shows that you were though your college in lesser time than the usual by scoring quick credits, you get due recognition.
  • Students have a chance to save money when they are done with college well before its due time. You can reduce your college span by a quarter or more by scoring quick credits, which means you save big money on food, lodging and tuition. Do not that the exam fee for obtaining credits would be a small extra investment you'd have to make.

Now that we know about all the perks that come with quick college credits, let us explore all ways one can use to get college credits as soon as possible and excel in his/her career.

The Quick College Credits Guide

Down below are the best ways you can use to fill up your report card with college credits in a lesser time than usual. You can do so by giving exams, online tests and excelling in your professional career. Here is how you can earn quick college credits:

CLEP Exam 

The College Level Examination Program sounds like a tough pill to swallow, but it is easier than sitting through college for its full span. You'll score college credits every time you pass these tests and they don't even take a lot of time. The CLEP is certified and accepted by thousands of accredited institutions across the country.

But it's not like you can just open the CLEP website and start filling up exams like a loose cannon. You have to figure out which exams are actually recognized by your college so that those credits legitimately count in your report card. The simplest way to do so is by paying a visit to your college's website and searching for CLEP.

You'll get a whole document which will give you a detailed explanation of what's recognized and what's not. Choose the CLEP exam according to it and go for it. It takes a fee to enroll for CLEP exam, so you better prepare for it to the fullest before filling up forms.

You'd have to pay a fee (obviously) and you can buy a handy guide on how to ace the CLEP exam on the CLEP website itself. Now study hard, slay it in the test which lasts no longer than two hours and you'll have multiple credits under your belt if you pass the exam! It is the simplest way to get college credits quickly.


When it comes to Multiple Choice Questions exams, DSST is not far away from CLEP. The best part of a DSST exam is that you have a luxury of applying online or visiting one of its test centers and giving the exam on paper.

It just takes $80 per exam and you have an opportunity to earn 3 credits in just two hours. DSST is recognized by more than 1900 colleges, which means one can definitely look into it if they are looking to score quick credits in a matter of hours.

Life Experience

Yes, obtaining college credits quickly doesn't always have to mean extra tests and assignments. You can earn them for what you've done before. You might be unaware of the fact that there are already college credits in your belt because of your past life experience.

Just look at your course and think this way—do you feel that you have real life experience in stuff that is being taught to you in college? If yes, then you can call up your institute and ask for credits based on life experience.

You can be a stay-at-home mom/dad and get credits for management; you can be a chef and get credits for hotel management. Just figure out how your real life experience gets in sync with what you are studying right now. Some Experiences like military training and nursing come handy in all situations.

You should definitely explore all possibilities and try to find ways to link your past experience to the current degree. That is the way to score college credits quickly by capitalizing on your past professional experience.

In this fast paced world, you can't wait for college to get over. Hence, you'd have find ways to get college credits quickly, and we just told you about the three best ways to get it done.



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30 September 2022

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