How to Decide About Your Gap Year


The concept of gap year and mainly before a student joins university is very common in the U.S but currently gaining prominence across the globe. It is very critical for students taking a gap year, commonly referred to as "gapers" to ensure that this period is used constructively.

Having a successful gap year is first dependent on the choice of the period. The best time to take a gap year is when one is about to undertake a transition and the most significant one being between high school and university. 

Why people take a gap year

Gap year was introduced as a period where students get a chance to relax and thus avoid academic burnout. Further, the period is meant to expose students to practical matters thereby increasing their professional skills and at the same time deepening personal awareness. Students are also expected to have a deep reflection during the gap year thus clarifying their purpose regarding their career choices. Students who take a gap year are also likely to have improved academic results due to the soft skills learned such as leadership, dedication, and hard work.

The best places for a gap year

Students could choose an array of tasks to undertake during a gap year such as undertaking voluntary service, internships, paid jobs or holidays. The best places for a gap year are areas that offer a student exposure and practical skills that need to be acquired. When choosing to undertake a voluntary work, internship or even a paid job, it is important to ensure that the work is in a field of interest. This will help to confirm one's passion in such a field and thus assess whether a change in the course to be pursued in the university is necessary. On the other hand, when a student chooses to undertake extended holidays during this time, choice of appropriate holiday destinations is critical. Whereas some destinations might be very attractive, they could be pricey and unaffordable to the student. Further, proper planning for holidays is paramount to ensure that such holidays are optimized in terms of the number and quality of destinations.

There are a number of organizations that offer internships and paid jobs to students enjoying a gap year. However, given the level of competition for such jobs, there is no guarantee that every student will land a lucrative job in the chosen career field. There is, therefore, need for one to initiate a search for such opportunities well before proceeding on a gap year. 

Where to earn a money for a gap year

Professional essay writing service has emerged as one of the most exciting opportunity for students undertaking their gap year. Whereas students stand to earn handsome returns by undertaking professional essay writing, the value of academic writing transcends the monetary benefits. It helps students improve their academic research writing skills. Students will be exposed to a variety of assignments thus broadening their academic skills. One will, therefore, be equipped with crucial skills necessary for handling university assignments. Students who have undertaken essay writing are therefore likely to earn higher GPAs in the university. Rigorous practical research undertaken in essay writing will also help such students stand out in terms of competencies and therefore enable them to be competitive in the job market. The flexibility offered by academic writing including the fact that no supervision is provided will help students learn how to be organized and self-driven. These are very useful life skills that every student need to acquire. There are a number of online companies that offer opportunities for students to engage in professional academic writing in a flexible yet rewarding manner. One of the best companies is Academia Research where thousands of jobs are posted daily. Writers simply choose a job of choice and submit the same within the set timelines.

Best gap year activities

The best gap year activities are those that help to engage the student and at the same help to avoid burnout. Professional essay writing service stands out as offering both given that students could undertake such work to gain skills and at the same time raise resources to undertake a decent holiday. Unlike internships and paid jobs that engage the student on a full-time basis, professional academic writing is a part-time job that offers flexibility to the student. One could even undertake the work while still enjoying a holiday.

A successful gap year is one that helps a student to develop useful skills and gain practical exposure. A student could for example register for a voluntary job that takes about 2 to 3 hours in a day say for 6 months. Voluntary work offers students an opportunity to give back to the society for instance by helping the sick in hospitals, working in orphanages or homes for the sick. During this period, the student could also be engaged in professional essay writing to complement the skills acquired from volunteering and at the same time earn some money to cover living expenses. After the six months voluntary job, one could take a 3 month's holiday to rewind and for personal reflection. During the holiday, it is still important to continue undertaking professional writing so as to get the requisite resources as well keep on developing useful skills. Once the holiday is over, a student could spend the remaining three months in an internship program or a paid job so as to acquire practical professional skills. Where such a job or internship is not strenuous, one could still be undertaking essay writing.

The choice of activities that one undertakes during a gap year is very critical to ensure that optimum benefits are realized from taking the year. Students should carefully select the productive activities to be engaged in. One should ensure that time for self-reflection is included in the program and thereby the need to take a holiday cannot be overemphasized.Further, it is critical for a student to get some practical exposure through paid jobs or internships. Voluntary work is equally important and particularly in homes for the elderly or orphanages. Another exciting work that could be considered to complement these activities is professional academic writing. A mix of all these activities will not only keep students engaged throughout the gap year but also help them get optimal benefits from a gap year.



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06 July 2022

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