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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Little Rock for One Month?

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Little Rock for One Month?

Little Rock, Arkansas, is a surprising town that has played its part in both historical and more recent political and social events that impacted on the rest of the America. To say it's had its fair share of scandals is no understatement. From the integration struggles faced by the African American people to today's political environment, Little Rock has not so quietly influenced the country's cultural landscape in recent history.

Only two hours west of Graceland, you could say that Memphis and Little Rock are "Kissing Cousins". Not only does the ex-President of the United States, Bill Clinton, pay homage to the King of Pop, the people of Little Rock have a diverse background of religion and musical influences. 

What is the Cost of One Month of Housing in Little Rock

Empress of Little Rock by CC user paul barrows on Flickr

The River Market area of Little Rock is the place to be if you want to stay in the vibrant hub of the city's beating heart. With areas for farmers markets, concerts and sculptures, you can stay and play all in the one convenient area. The Capital Hotel, built in 1872, is a staple of Little Rock history, yet its location and its refurbishment reflect today's refined luxury needs. With 126 historically decadent rooms with all the modern amenities, from $250 per night, this upscale option will sooth the most hardened travellers nerves.

Looking for a place big on southern hospitality but at a more affordable price, the Doubletree Hotel Little Rock will meet the needs of the cost conscious traveller or those looking to stay for longer periods. Only 15 minutes to the airport by complimentary shuttle, the affordable rates here do not skimp on comfort. From $145 per night for a room with two double beds, free wi-fi, within a hotel that has a fitness center and pool.

Budget private-rooms from $1,080 and upscale from $8,670 per month

What is the Cost of Food for One Month in Little Rock

Farmers’ Market by CC user Shannon Frost on Flickr 2008

Little Rock has award winning restaurants that bring a modern approach to cooking styles, yet you'll still find favorites like bar-b-que and grills a plenty. Eating out in Little Rock is an exciting dining experience.

With a name like Brave New Restaurant, you have to check it out just to see if it lives up to the challenge its set itself. Located on the dock and facing the river, Brave New Restaurant takes advantage of the city's seafaring state with fresh sea produce the catch of the day. Serving both lunch and dinner, you can choose both light meals and decadent feasts here. Prices range from $31 - $60 with meal choices like pecan-encrusted trout and veal with wild mushrooms.

Perhaps a more family affair is Dizzy's Gypsy Bistro on River Market Avenue. Dining at Dizzy's is not only going to fill your belly, but you'll be swept up in lots of entertaining fun here as well. With salsa dancers and children's musical nights, to name just a few of the goings on, you'll be laughing out loud or dancing up a storm after you enjoy a heartening meal of grilled chicken: dishes from $11 - 30.

4 grocery carts of: T-bone steak, ground beef, fried chicken, milk, dozen eggs, potatoes, bananas, bread, oranges, juice, coffee, frozen meal, potato chips, Coke, pizza, beer and a bottle of wine: $265.32

What is the Cost of Entertainment for One Month in Little Rock

The Little Rock Nine by CC user Cliff on Flickr

As with many of America's Southern States, Little Rock too has its place in the struggle of the African American people. The Little Rock Nine, immortalized in one of the city's sculptures, were a group of African American students that were initially denied access to the same schooling as their White American peers. It took the intervention of the US President of the time, President Eisenhower, before the students were permitted to attend Little Rock Central High School. Visit both the sculpture and the high school to step back in time and discover the city's past, and learn more at the visitor's center.

If you didn't already know it, on arriving in Little Rock, you'll soon be made well aware that Little Rock is the birthplace of the XXth President of the United States, William "Bill" Clinton. The city is also home to Rose Law Firm, the law firm that Hillary Rodham Clinton became involved in events surrounding the Whitewater investigation. If politics is your game, you can visit many museums and historical sites dedicated to the President including, the State Capitol, Governor's Mansion, and the Clinton Centre & Birthplace Museum.

What is the Cost of Transport for One Month in Little Rock

River Rail Streetcar by CC user Cliff on Flickr

As Little Rock's street system can be a little confusing for the first-time visitor, why not take the stress away, and make good use of the city's public transport.

With a reliable public transportation system including both modern and historic features, Little Rock's CATA includes CAT buses, Links para-transit and River Rail, to get you where you need to go. Buy your tickets on the bus or train, with exact fares, or pre-purchase from the CATA on-line store. A day-pass starts at $3.75 or purchase a 31-day pass for $36. Great news for students is that by producing their IDs, their tickets costs approximately half the full fare!

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