Graphic Design Internship with National Geographic

Graphic Design Internship with National Geographic

The internationally renowned publication National Geographic is based in Washington D.C. and is known for employing only the best photographers, writers, artists and specialists as a part of their elite team. If your dream were to be a member of the National Geographic, the first step to achieving this goal would be to get your foot in the door as an intern! National Geographic is currently on the lookout for applicants for their Spring 2015 Graphic Design Internship.




This full-time internship will lead the applicant through a journey of discovery through the world of graphic design, working at a major publication with both digital and print media as well as the opportunity to work under the supervision of experience Nat Geo graphic designers. 


Internship Responsibilities

The majority of intern’s responsibilities will include partnering with the full-time graphic design team to create numerous designs that will be featured on the website or print, such as creating graphics from statistics, art illustrations and sometimes even animated graphics. Though internships often give the impression that interns have minimal influence when it comes to decisions for content, this internship will encourage you to help contribute ideas to numerous sections for both print and digital content. The firsthand experience working at this established organization would also help interns to develop their professional social skills, and help them to learn the operations of working in an office setting.


Internship Requirements

The prime candidate for this internship will have artistic prowess, and exceptional organization skills that can enable them to manage time well in order to balance assignments, while still delivering exceptional artistic products. Knowledge of design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign CS5 on Mac computers are required, in addition to familiarity with CSS, After Effects, HTML, JS, Adobe Edge and 3D modeling programs are considered a plus! Previous experience working with a magazine publication, such as the local or school newspaper, is considered another bonus.




How to Apply

Fill out the online application here, as well as sending a detailed cover letter about your background and the reasons behind your interest in working in visual journalism. You must also send a portfolio with six samples of your past work that exhibits your skills in visual graphics and informational design.  

 Applicants must be either undergraduate college students in their junior or senior year, or graduate students, both of which should be majoring in journalism, visual arts, design and other related fields. There is a possibility that students who have recently graduated may also be accepted. 



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23 April 2019
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