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Get a Pay Rise with Microsoft 70-413 Exam and MCSE Core Infrastructure Certification: How Exam Dumps Can Assist You


A Server allows an enterprise to control everything within its network from one point. Many organizations require a good Server that has an impeccable infrastructure supported by an excellent Server solution such as Microsoft's Windows Server 2012. Microsoft offers good server solutions and is also a revered vendor of IT exams and certifications for IT professionals. Our focus today will be on exam 70-413 which covers the knowledge of server infrastructure and its related certification, the MCSE Core Infrastructure.

MCSE Core Infrastructure Overview

This is an expert-level certification created for experienced network professionals. It verifies the skills in running modern data centers, identity and systems management, networking, storage, and virtualization.

To sit for the Microsoft 70-740 exam which leads to this expert-level badge, you need to have an MSCA Windows Server 2012 or an MCSA in Windows Server 2016 certifications as a prerequisite.

With this MCSE credential, you can work as a Network Engineer, Server Administrator, or Senior Network Consultant among others. According to Payscale.com, an MCSE professional earns a salary that goes up to $183,000 per year.

What is the Microsoft 70-413 Exam?

Microsoft 70-413 focuses on the design and implementation of server infrastructure. Passing this exam means that you can take part in planning, managing and configuring all the services and solutions of Windows Server 2012. Skills measured by this exam, therefore, include:

  • Design and implementation of network access services
  • Designing and implementing network infrastructure services
  • Design and implementation of logical and physical Active Directory infrastructure
  • Planning and deploying of server infrastructure

Passing the Microsoft 70-413 exam will then immediately earn you the MCSE Core Infrastructure certification. To add more, 70-413 exam has the following features:

  • 40 to 60 questions extracted from the above exam topics;
  • 150 minutes of exam time and 30 minutes of prep actions;
  • various question types offered: active screen, best answer, build list, multiple-choice, short answer, etc.
  • $165 of the fee to sit for the test 

5 Reasons to Add MCSE Core Infrastructure Badge to Your Resume

  • Makes you a company asset

Whereas colleagues at your workplace may have experience in their specialty, it is common to have very few of them improving their skillset, knowledge, and expertise. Earning the MCSE Core Infrastructure badge means that you have advanced knowledge within the enterprise business and able to solve the issues quickly and effectively. Certification validates your skills and therefore makes you a more equipped and valuable employee to your organization, that is able to solve any issue occurred.

  • Earns you quick recognition at work

With the new knowledge from exams associated with Microsoft Certification, you can make lots of noticeable differences in the workplace. Employers will notice what you do because you solve a problem professionally and precisely due to your updated skills proved by the leading IT vendor, like Microsoft.

  • Enhances your career prospects

It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to take up more complicated roles at work. Earning the MCSE certification in Core Infrastructure makes you comfortable with the role you play in your organization. You may feel the need to take up newer challenges, ask for a promotion, and apply for more exciting leadership positions in your enterprise.

  • Be a real pro

IT problems in your organization can be costly. The trick for most companies is always to solve an impending system issue before it comes to a bigger trouble. A Microsoft certification gives a new perspective of things, teaches you how to anticipate system issues and deal with them more creatively and promptly.

  • Boosts your organization's professional standards

Many organizations want to show their legitimacy in what they offer to consumers through the number of professionals in their system. When talking about itself, the organization may divulge that it has certified professional like yourself. A certification makes your organization more trustworthy by consumers.

How Exam Dumps Can Help with Your Microsoft 70-413 Exam Revision?

Considering all the above-mentioned benefits you may already realize that passing this exam is crucial and thus requires serious preparation. And since the most important part of it is a practice we highly recommend you to add exam dumps to your list of preparation resources to use. So, let's revise how these materials can improve your studying.

  • Quicken revision process

With reliable exam dumps from a website like PrepAway.biz all you need is to go through the questions and the answers provided by recent test-takers. This short revision is more interesting yet effective given exam dumps pre-empt the actual exam.

  • Improve your readiness

Practicing with exam dumps helps you find out what you know and which topics still need your attention. They bring you more confidence in your knowledge and skills as you become familiar with the exam structure, types of questions and know how to tackle them. So, they make you completely ready for taking your Microsoft 70-413 exam.

  • Trigger memory

After going through your notes, it is always good to go through questions to determine whether you grasped enough from your revision. Exam dumps can trigger what you know and strengthen this by repeating and practicing in the ETE Exam Simulator.

  • Improve your time management

Since real exam takers and professionals usually compile exam dumps, using them gives you an understanding of what the exam looks like. The result is that you can devise a method of tackling the exam and finishing it on time.

It is to be noted, that PrepAway provides both free and paid dumps so you can choose a suitable variant. Also, you can buy a Premium Bundle for 70-413 exam at a cost of $39,99 and thus obtain not only the expert-verified ete file but also a study guide and a training course.


The Microsoft 70-413 exam gives you a clear insight into the entire Server and networking world. All you have to do is to ensure that you gain advanced knowledge and skills through exam dumps from Prepaway.biz and you will be the next expert in the networking sphere. The MCSE Core Infrastructure is a sure deal to secure better jobs in the IT market. So, make your choice and start moving toward your professional dreams!

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