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Discussion About Recent PR Attack On Gi2C: “The Claim That Gi2C Is A Scam Has No Solid Foundation"

Discussion About Recent PR Attack On Gi2C: “The Claim That Gi2C Is A Scam Has No Solid Foundation"

David Fieldman, former Vice-President and Managing Director of East Meets West and long-time associate of Gi2C Group, a China internship provider, sits down to discuss a recent PR attack on Gi2C. David and Gi2C Group CEO Yuri Khlystov have known each other for over six years. 

This discussion came about after David saw a few of the recent online attacks against Gi2C and felt the need to clear them up. “When I saw this [comments that Gi2C was a scam] about Gi2C, I knew it couldn’t be true,” David said. “I’ve seen the pictures and comments from Gi2C interns about the experiences and internships they’ve had in China and when I contrast that with this kind of malicious attempt to say that Gi2C is a scam… I can’t understand it.” 

Yuri was equally bewildered. Yuri replied “I’ve been in the service industry for over six years and have thousands of satisfied clients who have done videos or written Gi2C reviews about their China internship. Having these sudden comments pop up with false information and trying to damage the reputation that we’ve been building up for so long is surprising. It is definitely a centralized attack on the Gi2C name and is very well planned. Yet the alleged claim that Gi2C is a scam has no solid foundation. With all the China internship clients we’ve helped so far, this kind of scare tactic cannot last and will not break down the reputation that we’ve built up over the past few years.”

Gi2C provides a quality service in China for foreigner interns. Yuri said, “I was once a China intern myself and had a difficult time in China. That’s why I started this company, to help others and give them the knowledge and experience that Gi2C has in China. It’s shocking to see someone anonymously posting that Gi2C is a scam behind our backs.” 

Yuri believes the person behind this attack who is claiming that Gi2C is a scam had some kind of bad experience and that is why Yuri is getting emails from this person claiming that he will “fix Gi2C’s reputation” for a large sum of money. Yuri refuses to give in to this kind of bribery and hopes that his past and future China internship clients continue to stand behind with Gi2C.  “Many of our past Gi2C clients have stepped up and spoken the truth to prospective clients about what it’s like to be a Gi2C intern.” New clients can rest assured that Gi2C is not a scam. There are hundreds of past Gi2C intern reviews both on the Gi2C intern blog, YouTube and third party websites such as GoOverseas and HelpGoAbroad. 


David piped in, “I’ve noticed recently that some of the online discussion board websites that are hosting these negative comments about Gi2C being a scam have removed these comments because they know Gi2C is legitimate. I’ve also found it peculiar that “people” with different names post these negative comments about Gi2C but the language is always the same. It’s clearly one person who is behind this; it’s very difficult to change your writing style. “

Yuri replied, “Yes, someone has been taking my photo from the internet and starting new accounts under my name or the Gi2C name to say things that I did not say. This person is also pretending to be past Gi2C interns and is leaving reviews that Gi2C did not give them a refund or committed some other scam. We’ve contacted those websites and they have agreed to take those fake accounts down. We have also filed an official complaint with the local Beijing police. They take this kind of cybercrime and cyberbullying very seriously.” 

David concluded by saying, “Even if you had some kind of bad experience in China, you should leave as a gentleman. You don’t become psychotic and keep hounding the person all the time with harmful intent. Get over it. Move on to the next stage of your life. Hopefully, this person will eventually do that and disappear.”


Click here to watch the full video where David and Yuri discuss if Gi2C has fake reviews, if Gi2C is a scam and what this cyber attack is all about.

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04 December 2023

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