Digital Internships with Ocean Conservancy

Digital Internships with Ocean Conservancy

If you are passionate about saving the oceans, but find that your talents lie more in the digital realms of copyediting, multimedia, production or data analytics, then Ocean Conservancy (OC) might just have the perfect opportunity to help you break into the marine conservation industry while utilizing your talents!

This organization commits itself to taking all measures necessary to maintain and preserve our oceans and the wildlife living within them. Through collaborations with knowledgeable partners to generate scientific solutions and a passionate crew of citizen advocates fighting to help keep the ocean healthy, OC recognizes the importance of the ocean as a generator for food, jobs and the survival of our planet. 


Digital Internships

Internships with the OC are held in spring, summer and fall sessions, all of which are hosted in the Washington, DC office. There are a few different positions that may appeal to your different strengths and skills, so investigate which internship suits you the best and start making a difference for our oceans!


Digital Copyediting Internship




The role of the copyediting intern revolves around producing valuable, informative and enticing copy for the website, emails, and of course, social media content. The importance of social media presence is essential to organizations hoping to inspire others to take action for their cause and OC requires quality ammo to help recruit others for their worthy cause. Applicants should possess a proficient ability to write with a solid understanding of AP Style. However, if you feel that you do not have a great deal of experience in the digital realm, but you do retain impressive writing abilities then the OC still strongly encourages you to apply for this internship and challenge yourself to learn and grow as a writer and digital advocate.


Multimedia Internship

Are you one of those Photoshop aficionados or perhaps a Final Cut Pro fanatic? Well it’s time to put those skills to good use and apply for the position as a multimedia intern for the OC. Having experience working with Final Cut Pro and Photoshop (latest version) are required, but any further proficiency with the Adobe Creative Suite or presentation building skills such as Keynote, Prezi and the all-time classic PowerPoint are a major plus! This is a brilliant chance to channel your creativity towards a greater cause and to have fun all the while. 


Digital Production Internship

This internship differs from the Digital Copyediting Internship in that you will be working more on developing and producing webpages, action forms and emails blasts for OC’s online presence. This is a critical position that would heavily benefit from existing knowledge and experience of HTML, CSS, Wordpress or Convio, while skills in Excel and Creative Suite are major advantages. You make the magic come together and put out the final product that can help to educate millions about the status of the marine world that is so imperative to our survival. 


Digital Data Analytics Internship

Now is the time to utilize your ability to analyze! The Digital Data Analytics Internship includes responsibilities of analyzing emails, Google analytics and various other sets of data in order to optimize processing, community involvement, post reach, and several other components that all contribute to the effectiveness of OC’s digital channels. Experience and knowledge of Microsoft Excel and statistics skills are required to successfully fulfill your duties in this position. Any further statistics or analytical related experience and skills are highly welcome.


How to Apply




The OC only accepts applications for the internship positions from students who are either currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program, or are recent graduates. 

There is a possibility of receiving academic credit and travel stipends for all the digital internships, but all accepted interns should expect to make a minimum commitment of 20 hours per week. 

Applications should be complete by including a cover letter, work availability, resume and work samples if the position you are applying for requires a demonstration of your abilities, such as the Digital Multimedia Internship. All applications, for all terms, are accepted on a rolling basis and should be sent to with the title of your intended internship position as the subject of your email.



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